Tuesday, 17 April 2012


tuesday, eh? it literally feels like every single one of my days has completely blended together. i tarted a new job and work really odd hours and alongside trying to juggle my home life, relationship and work with a new sleeping schedule that doesn't leave me feeling like a goddamned zombie during the very few hours i'm not at work or sleeping. it's been difficult, which is why i've not been in contact at all with anybody, really. i feel terrible about having completely fallen off the grid. i mean, i am seriously never on Facebook and haven't properly checked my emails in weeks.

this job is much more demanding than any i've had before and it's really taking a lot of getting used to.

anyways, it's been a long few weeks and this is a long-assed list, so i'll get it done so's i can get some sleepies in before my graveyard tonight. here, have it.

Hoarders... again, i've become obsessed with Hoarders. Netflix added a new season and i seem to have not been able to stop watching it since i found out. i love the show, but also hate it. i feel the need to watch it, but it upsets me because of the house i grew up in.so many of the episodes remind me of my mum and our house and i KNOW what it's like for those people. it's embarrassing, smelly and devastating.
"bless this mess"... there's little i love more than when there's a sign in a hoarder's house that says something about the mess and how they'll clean it later or they like it. it always makes me giggle.
Lactulose... because i LOVE poopin'!
my doctor... my healthcare ran out last month and during my final visit with my doctor there was a short, emotional goodbye. he's such a wonderful doctor and i really believed him when he told me that he hopes things go okay for me.
old station wagons
New York accents
Muffin protecting me at gigs... he's such a huge, wonderful bear and i LOVE having him around at gigs because i like to stand at the front and he'll position himself behind me and literally destroy anybody who might display any threat of crushing me. he just makes me feel so safe and pleased.
when the members of bands you love turn out to be nice... too many times i have fallen in love with a band only to find that they are complete douchebags. it is because of this that i find it so wildly refreshing to walk up to someone who creates music that has changed my life and have them react kindly and like a friend.
Sean Bonnette... as per the above, i can officially say that the lead singer of Andrew Jackson Jihad is just one of the nicest people i have ever met. as soon as Muffin and i arrived at the venue and i saw Sean soundchecking i immediately got all squirmy and pleased. once they were finished i stood to go for a fag and saw Sean. i anxiously walked over to him and gushed about how amazing i thought he was and how i had missed them play in Derby just after i left England. he was so inviting and really friendly and remained such the entire night, even after i harassed him like six times for autographs and to tell him facts. he even ended up dedicating a song to me during their set. meeting Sean totally made me love Andrew Jackson Jihad even more than i already did. he's an amazing guy.
the dog... we're still watching the puppy of one of Muffin's friends and i just love him so much! he so smart and funny and has really given me something tangible and small to love and care for. i'll miss him when we send him off.
JOB! so i now officially have another job! i work at Walgreen's and have done now for just over five weeks. it's fabulous and really nice to have something to do, have money coming in and meet new people.
Spring Forward... despite the fact that i hate losing an hour, i ADORE later sunsets and never have anything to complain about when the spring forces us to push our clocks forward.
cats with folded ears
when our upstairs neighbours SHUT UP
the conversation i had with Muffin last night... Muffin and i were laying in bed when he turned to me and literally said "Would you rather be invisible or fly. But get this, if you're invisible, everything you eat isn't and so your poop wouldn't be." my husband is a delight.
Friday nights... these are my favourite nights at work because on Friday nights, on the overnight, the trash guys come and clean up the entire parking lot, empty bins and dust out fag trays. that literally means that about a quarter of my work is completely done for me.
loud, trumpet-like farts
James Cameron... who, after an interview on The Colbert Report, delighted me by being incredibly funny, friendly and not at all what i expected.
Hank... the street cat who is running for senate.
rat hands
when an animal collapses from a tranquilizer... i'm not saying i like it when animals are shot by them, but when a horse or a deer are needed for medical treatment or movement is shot and, after the long wait, they collapse to the ground like a sack of flour being dropped, i really think it's funny.
Stockard Channing
SOMEBODY GUESSED MY SCISSORS RIGHT... one of my biggest annoyances comes from people seeing the tattoo of scissors on my chest and asking if i am a hairdresser. i get that question about four times a day and finally, after nearly two years, have had ONE person guess that i am a crafter. YAY!
Celebrity Apprentice
Fifty First Dates
Janey parcel

Trixie at Denny's... the best negro waitress in the world who calls me "babygirl" and "mama."
graveyard shift... it's the best shift ever. i had completely forgotten how much i adore the overnight, busy-with-actual-work shift. i get to spend a lot of time actually doing heavy-duty work that helps pass the time much faster than the busywork that is constantly interrupted by the heavy flow of customers. granted, i'm in the middle of a seven day streak of overnights in a row right now, but i am still happy.
dog on his pain meds... he was SO loopy and it was so funny.
being able to pay bills by myself
Audubon paintings
 right, i have to get myself together for work. i shall do another more informative blog on my next day off, i promise.

have a fabulous day!



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