in this blog you will find a running order of people, places and things.

the people you'll find here are as follows:

Muffin... my husband. he's the love of my life and the one that i've been completely head-over-heels for since 2001. he's amazing, beautiful and i am finally, after many years, pursuing the love we started years ago full-force. i've left my life in england to learn what it feels like to live in a fairy tale with the one constantly wonderful thing in my world.

Molly... Muffin's daughter and the most precious little lady in the land.

LaDonna... my eldest sister. she's the greatest sister anybody could ever dream to have and i love having her in my life.

Janey... my British BFF and my soul mate. she and i are literally the same person and i hate so much that her and i live so far apart. she makes me feel more like myself than anybody else. i love her.

Christopher... my ex-husband. we were married for five years and together for seven. we split up in 2009 and for all the pain that i endured, this my time with him and this divorce has taught me more about myself than any other experience or person i've encountered. 

Pow... he was my best friend of nearly seven years. i've never trusted anybody in my life the way i do him. he's taught me incredible things about myself and helped me to embrace the danie that i am meant to be.

Origami... Muffin's ex-wife and the constant fat, hideous thorn in my side.

Sebass... our new puppy. he's a mini dachshund and we are learning a TON of patience and love now that we have him in the house.

Sarah Luna... my American BFF. she's wonderful and i've literally known her longer than i've known any of my other friends. she's the one person i can pretty much talk to, face-to-face about anything in the whole world with no question. 


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