Thursday, 5 February 2004

so then...

so i spoke with vivian last night online... vivian is my dad's wife. she is very nice... made me sad though... she is a very down woman. she is excited to have me in the family; apparently, she has always wanted a daughter, and now she feels like she has one. :) eh, i am going to get the privilege to tell me mum about speaking with my dad tomorrow. or today, i guess... hee hee... i am going to go out to lunch with her and other people from the facility and then i will go back with her. i am so nervous. she is totally going to wig out! we will see... i think it is better that she knows though. wow! i am leaving in eleven days now! **is pleased with her counting abilities** chris is getting wildly excited, but a little nervous. i can hear it in his voice when i speak with him. he is very afraid. i had to let him know today that he is not alone and i am terribly afraid. and i am... perhaps not so much about getting there and not loving him, because i know that is not going to be the case. i am afraid more of the future i have now. the things that i can see happening... the decisions that i know i am not going to have to make, not just for me either anymore... some of the decisions i make now are for us, chris AND me. :) that pleases me to think about that. to be able to think about that and the possibility of things to occur. i have been thinking a lot about shawn today. i worry about him. i hate that he now hates me... that makes me sad, but what can i do? i love him lots and so i cannot force him to like me and want to be my friend. heh... well, i think i am outta here... i miss you kevin, if you ever get to read this! phone me sometime before i leave. i would enjoy that a lot! awww... and a special hello to the lovely fellow whose journal i read. yes, i do live in wyoming, and yes i do read it all the time... every day, in fact. have a splendid day, sir! **blows special kisses to kevin and then more to everyone else**

**is empty**

eh, i am going to miss ashley so much. she is the most wonderful person ever and i do not know what i am going to do without her. i am facing all of these obstacles with my life right now and i sometimes feel like i am facing them all alone... but then i lay in my bed and see the picture of ashley and me and become pleased because i know that i have this one person, that i know of, that loves me unconditionally... even when she cannot be there. and i am going to go on this huge adventure soon that will not involve an ashley... it will involve a danie and a new part of her life... and that scares the hell out of me. i will think of her every second while i am learning about this brand new thing occuring in my heart. this thing that i am so afraid of sometimes.... this thing that hurts like wild sometimes. and i know that at home, i will have this beast waiting for me that i can come and cry to and love and be loved back by. i love you ashley. i miss you when you have to be a child and go to school and i have to be an adult and go on trips and be in love. nobody will understand what you and i have, you are absolutely right! nobody will understand hating remakes of lovely cartoons and biting germans on the leg at one in the morning... nobody will understand what it is to be a fool that has no meaning and tipping my glass to nobody but you. i heart you my dear... with every bit of my body and soul... **blows kisses**

Wednesday, 4 February 2004

eh... the pain of growing up...

XxOver tHe starS: I'd gladly end my life to make everyone else's better...

Hmmm… why do people have to hurt like he does? I cry for people every day because I wish that pain could offer sympathy sometimes. That it could just cut some people a break. Shawn hurts so much, so often and I pray for him almost every second of the day. He is such a gentle soul and I am curious about his pain. I am curious about it because it plagues him to such a wild degree. Never in my life have I seen someone in so much pain. I try to think back to when I was fifteen and I do not remember ever hurting that much. I remember medicating as much as possible. And I know that that is what Shawn is doing when he is cutting, but it is too much sometimes. He wants to kill himself so much and I do not remember ever wanting to die so passionately. I remember crying and wanting to make things hurt less… and even though I know I had no friends, I never wanted to die. Ever. I want to be able to look into his eyes right now. To be able to hold him and let him know that it does not have to hurt quite as bad as it does. God… I love you Shawn… whether you want to believe it or not. A lot of people do… you are still my most favourite husband. **blows emo kisses** let me help you with your ovaries. I have them also… I know what a pain the can be. :)

**is upset**

good god shawn is a beast sometimes... but perhaps it is me. i am just all emo and stressed about england and things that shawn just got the ass-end of it tonight. i am all angry because i have a lot on my mind and butcher is probably out getting drunk and... eh. i don't know. my tummy is sore and i do not feel like doing anything but sitting and crying for the moment. that is what it feels like i need. i am mad about so many things... i am leaving in thirteen days and that freaks me out! maria is rockin' but i am not sure how i am going to react to all of the drinking and blah. eh, i am outta here. have a splendid night! **blows kisses**

**enjoys speaking to her boyfriend's sister**

why hello there all of you splendid viewers of the journal of danie... how goes it today? I am quite well… I just phoned maria, chris’s sister, and she rocks. We had a very fun conversation about butcher and what a smelly beast he is. Hee hee… I am very excited! She is very lovely and I cannot wait to meet her! I feel better today, like things are going to be okay. I have been able to let a few things go that I have been trying to hold on to. Except Flic, she is going to drive me nuts! If she acts the way she does now whilst I am there I know that there will be a confrontation. She is so terrible and is not grown up like she should be. So needless to say, I am NOT pleased with her. I will need to avoid her when the situation may be such that I will point out the things she is doing. I enjoy doing that, you know… pointing out other people’s faults… but who doesn’t?! hee hee… eh, I think I will survive. I am quite tired today and frustrated with a few things, but perhaps I will live. I have all of these questions going on in my head and I do not know what to do about them. I want to just flip out and shut down for a little while to think about them but I know that will not be in danie’s best interest. I need to look into derby uni. I need to email the administration there and find out what an American girl like me would have to do to get enrolled. And then there is danie living in England and where I would live and how I would make money and blah blah blah. It is dumb… that is so far away, I just need to let it all go. I am outta here… have a miraculous day! **blows kisses**

Tuesday, 3 February 2004

**is warm and pleased**

eh, i have a lot on the mind. like, not very important things, but things that have my heart weighed down right now. it is tired. i am tired. i just woke up this morning and felt... BLAH. my eyes are heavy and arms seem to be too much to lift at times. i just want to lay in bed all day and be a beast. or, at least until ashley phones. but i need to go do a few things. i am hoping i can get a hold of keving eventually today. eh, we will see. my dad has not emailed me yet and that bothers me some, but then i have to remember the serenity prayer and let it go.


i need to remember that a lot in my life lately. with the trip and my money and chris and his school. with everything. there are so many things i cannot change and i need to just deal with it... it is so difficult for me sometimes though. i want to have control over everything that is going on right now... and i need to let it go. i am trying to with lots of things. i am outta here.

Monday, 2 February 2004

**is wildly in love**

i am thinking a lot about mister butcher right now. he makes me so happy and i will be with him very soon...

a danie says:
do you think we will kiss the first time we see each other?
Proletariat punkass.. says:
I always imagined so..
a danie says:
yeah? always?
a danie says:
since when is always?
Proletariat punkass.. says:
since there was an idea you'd be coming to england!
a danie says:
a danie says:
what kind of a kiss do you think it will be?
Proletariat punkass.. says:
I do not know!
Proletariat punkass.. says:
it depends how I am imagining it!
Proletariat punkass.. says:
sometimes I dream of meeting you
Proletariat punkass.. says:
and its a whole bunch of making out
Proletariat punkass.. says:
or.. sometimes I lay in bed and think
Proletariat punkass.. says:
and its just a couple of small kisses on the lips and maybe another one held a little longer..
a danie says:
me also...
a danie says:
that one is mine
Proletariat punkass.. says:
sometimes its just a close hug and one gentle and slow kiss on your lips..
Proletariat punkass.. says:
oh yeah?
a danie says:
mm hmm...

heh, why can i just not be there right now?! then i think about what i would be missing if i was just transported there and that was it... i would miss our first kiss and the first time we hold each other... and snuggling and things that i have been waiting for for forever. i am also pleased because ashley and i will be beasts tomorrow. i have missed her to a wild extent! i have to hang out with her as much as possible before i go! i am going to get her the greatest gift in the universe in england!**beams with delight** i am outta here for now. have a special evening! **blows kisses**


wow i am tired...

mister butcher decided it would be lovely to wake up the danie at five thirty in the morning... so i am a sleepy beast... hee hee... he is such a beast sometimes... i heart his emo-ness. it pleases me even if he thinks it is rubbish. **blows kisses to mister butcher... and everyone for that matter** i am leaving very soon, but that will come with time... good god i am emo! i have been listening to wild amounts of emo music lately! but it makes me pleased... i enjoy being emo and feeling in love and whatnot. eh, i have to go visit me mum today. i want so badly to tell her about my dad, but i do not think she could handle it just yet... i think she will feel rejected, like she was not enough. i am going to go meet him when i get back from england and i am excited about that! i will get to meet his wife and everything. i want to find my other sister. her name is angelique. that is pretty, hey? i wonder if her and i look alike... **ponders** i have a lot of things on my mind right now. heh... it is good for me though, to have this much going on in here... keeps me alert and on the toes... chris keeps me pleased... tells me about love and things...

the girl who hearts chris butcher says:
tell me about love chris butcher..
Proletariat punkass.. says:
mm about love?
Proletariat punkass.. says:
the girl who hearts chris butcher says:
hee hee... go on
Proletariat punkass.. says:
its so wonderful that it makes me feel sorry for all the people I used to talk to
Proletariat punkass.. says:
because alot of them don't have it
the girl who hearts chris butcher says:
Proletariat punkass.. says:
and the girls.. hmmm, well they can be annoying and pests and its what they do for some reason, but they aren't as happy as me

i heart him so much! he is the most splendid beast in the universe! have a miraculous day and tell someone you love them before the end of it.

Sunday, 1 February 2004

**does interpretive dance involving a pizza and a taco**

i am a pleased beast right now. i just got off the phone with my dad and he is a lovely fellow. we spoke a lot about my mum and sisters. he told me about his wife and he was very curious about chris. i think i am going to go visit him right after i get home from england. we will see what danie's emotions are like. i am afraid of how they will be and what i will feel like when i get home. i will be very emo, i can imagine. i will need lots of emo-support (HINT! HINT! ashley and kevin! hee hee...) i am still a little off from my dad getting a hold of me so quickly; i was totally not ready for that! but... whatevah. i have been praying a lot for brandi... even though i do not agree with the decisions she has made, i still love her and want her to know that. she needs all the prayer she can get, i would imagine. heh. eh, i am pooped! i feel like i could sleep for forever and still have that not be enough. i think that is what i am going to do when i get home from me mum's in the morrow... sleep like a wild beast! i am outta here, butcher is going to phone me! have a miraculous evening!


i am wondering if i should be more excited that my dad called me... like, i am feeling nothing... perhaps my brain has not caught up with my heart yet... my heart is fleeting, wild with pleasure; but my brain is just there... like it is a very slow computer, trying to process all of this new information: england, dad, chris... eep! oh, and i am wondering if i should be counting the amount of days until i leave or until the day i actually get to england... hmmm... perhaps we will do both everyday... have a miraculous day. i will put another quiz on here... :)



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