Saturday, 27 December 2008

24: what has changed most about the neighbourhood you grew up in?

well, i guess all i can really say is that it is a vast amount cleaner.

going through the neighbourhood in april for the first time in like, three years really shocked me. it almost didn't look like the same place i used to prance as a child. a lot of the trees were cut down, a lot of picket and chain-link fences were put up and everything had a beautiful blanket of grass covereing it.... bar the streets and pavements, as you can imagine.

23: what activities besides eating when on at the kitchen table in the home you grew up in?


well, our kitchen was mostly a haven for two of our many dogs who just didn't get on with the rest of the pack. bambi and buck. they resided in the kitchen, behind the confines of a baby gate. mostly the kitchen was not used for anything other than a dumping ground for junk and so i feel i can safely say that the kitchen table served merely as a secret place for bambi to have puppies when she was pregnant.

22: What secret fantasies and games did you have as a child that you told no one about?

okay... so, this is a good one.

i used to hang out at the laundrette my mum worked at and do this thing... SO weird.

bare in mind whilst i am telling you this, that i was like, nine or ten.

i used to hang out in any little secret place i could (corridors, under tables, around corners), any place was fine as long as i was within ear-shot of a youthful gentleman who was laundering alone. i would sit there and sing love songs. mostly whitney houston. i would sing these songs and imagine that this person... this gentleman, would hear me, become entranced in my beauteous siren song and come find me only to fall madly in love with me.

needless to say, this never worked. i blame it not on my singing and siren abilities, but the fact that the washing machines and clothes driers were TOO loud.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

21: What was the craziest thing you did in your youth?

well, as young lady i participated in far too many things to list... i am trying to think what would be the one that would strike people as most out-of-the-ordinary.

mostly i enjoyed hiding in people's rooms and watching them do things that they wouldn't ordinarily do if someone (especially a little girl) was watching.

one incident i remember particularly well was when my friend Jessica and i hid under the bed of a guy called Bo, who rented out a room in her basement. we was QUITE the stud, and we decided we were going to hide and surprise him when he came home from work... little did we know that he came home, got into the shower and came in the bedroom naked... that is the day that changed my little girl mind forever. after this incident, i was on overdrive for sneaking around and seeing older people's secret bits.

yes. i was a delightful child.

Friday, 19 December 2008

20: In what organisations or extracurricular activities did you participate?

i was never really one for participating in anything that didn't involve barbies or pretending to be reba macintyre.

when i was REALLY young i was in the brownies. it was fun mostly because there was a girl there was Tai who was a big, beautiful, sassy black girl who had two older brothers who's tales of mischeif she would always divulge to use prior to our macaroni-decorating and card-making.

i a little later i was in the Youth Group at church where i took part in a group where we created and performed dance routines to youthful religious songs every sunday. it was special.

19: What is a special compliment you always received?

i was regularly told that i had incredible hair as a child. this was due to the fact that i had the THICKEST hair anyone had ever seen in their lives.

despite the fact that it was very lovely, it was also the bane of my existence, as it loved to rebel as much as it could by way of turning into a rat's nest within twenty minutes of brushing it.

18: Did you ever get lost?

oh my LORD. there was nothing in the world i was more frightened of as a child.

i was a horrible nuisance any time we went out because i clung to my mum (or any other adult i deemed as safe) like i was going to die if i didn't.

i came from an age where it was big to use scare tactics to stop children from wondering. while most children would ignore this and continue to be loose cannons, i became eternally terrified to ever be out of sight of an adult that i knew.

so, as a result, i never, ever got lost. i was ALWAYS where i was meant to be.

17: Did you have your own telephone growing up, or any other special privleges?

well, i didn't my own phone, as SUCH, but i DID have an incredible phone in my bedroom that had huge buttons on it that were clear and you could remove them and put photos in it to help remember speed dial options. it was absolutely fabulous.

i guess i had special privleges in that i was the youngest and i was living at home, taking care of my mum from a young age, so my mum and grandparents made sure i was happy... they got me lots of presents and stuff... i generally had everything i could ever dream of.

16: Why were you given your name and does it have special meaning?

eh, i hate this...

as i was growing up i always asked my mum why she named me what she named me... her answer was always the same... she knew why she named LaDonna and Carmen what she did... but she had no idea at all why she called me Danielle.

all i really know about my naming is that, were i to have come out with a penis, i would have been called Christian... which, one would think would have led to a name like Christina or something when i came out with a vagina... but here we are...

Friday, 12 December 2008

i heart things and things NOT tuesday

oh my... not been posting in a while, have i?

things have been a LOT better at home but MYGOD busy everywhere else... i shall ensure i post more from this moment on... bar this weekend, which will feature janey coming to visit! **scree**

a random list of things i heart?

*the glittery effect frost has on the pavement
*crochetting special scarves for special people
*stretching my piercings
*going out for meals with the 'adults' i work with
*baking... OMG baking!
*oatmeal with butter, milk and sugar
*my haircut
*matching my eyeshadow with TINY bits of colour on my outfit... just to make people think.
*slovakia... but only for the run-down and cake-like buildings
*books about zombies

well, i need to go to the dentist, but i will post some more tonight, or perhaps later today... we shall see... but FIRST! some photos!!
one of the cake buildings from slovakia... i hearted this one most and would have taken a better photo if there wasn't some sort of horrific wedding processional taking place directly in front of it.

THE chevy... looking incredibly sassy and oh-so-handsome!


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