Saturday, 27 December 2008

22: What secret fantasies and games did you have as a child that you told no one about?

okay... so, this is a good one.

i used to hang out at the laundrette my mum worked at and do this thing... SO weird.

bare in mind whilst i am telling you this, that i was like, nine or ten.

i used to hang out in any little secret place i could (corridors, under tables, around corners), any place was fine as long as i was within ear-shot of a youthful gentleman who was laundering alone. i would sit there and sing love songs. mostly whitney houston. i would sing these songs and imagine that this person... this gentleman, would hear me, become entranced in my beauteous siren song and come find me only to fall madly in love with me.

needless to say, this never worked. i blame it not on my singing and siren abilities, but the fact that the washing machines and clothes driers were TOO loud.


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