Saturday, 2 March 2013

March 2013...

things i love most RIGHT NOW:

  • learning as much as possible about family law and court proceedings
  • soup
  • Go On
  • fruity chewing gum
  • The Simpsons Tapped Out
things that are consuming my life right now:
  • hair colouring... i literally can't learn enough about colouring hair! we started a couple of weeks ago and i've been enjoying every single little part of it. i am madly in love with knowing all it is possible for me to know about the chemistry of hair. i'm also really loving learning more healthy ways to take care of hair whilst colouring it. i am feeling so much more confident about my future in hair. it makes my future feel so much more exciting and positive and i can't wait until we start the next chapter of all of this.
  • having my nails done... it makes me feel really girly and fabulous and i have spent literal HOURS on Pinterest looking at amazing nail varnish techniques and have, over the last week, been trying new things with my own. it's been so fun and has really helped me hone my painting and artsy-fartsy skills. it's been fun!
  • sorting out my physical fitness… STILL! i've been putting a lot of effort into making myself more healthy and fabulous and i'm really starting to feel a lot better about myself. i've lost seventeen pounds so far and i feel really great.
  • finding the PERFECT set of bedding... so, we got a new mattress because our old one bit the dust in a horrible way. it's literally the best mattress in the world and because we decided to get a new one, we also decided that as adults we've earned the right to sleep on a gigantic king-sized wonderland. since we got the new mattress though, we've totally had to rearrange our lives with regards to bedding. we've been going to countless places trying to find the perfect duvet and sheets that are soft enough for me and manly-looking enough for him. it's been tough. right now, we're living with our old Queen duvet, battling one another all night long for ownership of warmth for the night. i'm feeling confident though, soon.
a few good things that happened last month:

  • i found out i'm going to be getting an Associate's degree instead of just a Certificate!
  • Muffing switched his degree AND will be graduating the same time as me
i am also all about this photo:
because i am WILDLY proud of all these up-dos. they re SO beautiful and i'm really proud of myself.
last but not least… here’s a quote.


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