Tuesday, 31 January 2012


well, it's Tuesday and i want to die.

my belly is outrageously sore and i have no idea why. i had dinner and by the time we got from the PX to Target i literally felt like i was going to explode. i had SO MUCH wind in my belly and was letting out the most whistly and offensive-sounding farts in the land.

now home, watching The Thing, i am settled in with some ice cream and a really stressed Muffin (our financial life is just getting worse and worse every single day. it's quite special to see all the different ways that the ARMY and other government affiliates can fuck us over financially). my tummy is settled and the dog is running around like a wild man with his squeaky toy. right now, all things considered, things are okay. not awful, not awesome, but manageable.

anyways, i need to do my list. i've little time left on this Tuesday and i've other things to get done, so let's get on with the only reason you are all here anyways, yeah?

Alan Ruck... i finally saw Ferris Bueller's Day Off and immediately fell in love with Cameron and his cute, bumbly charm. i now officially have a massive crush on Mr Ruck and i'm not ashamed at all, even a little. 
sped up decomposition footage
the intro to True Blood... the song made me love it at first and then i paid attention to the footage and when i would ordinarily fast-forward through the opening sequence, i watch it attentively and have done so through three seasons thus far.
True Blood... while we're at it, Muffin forced me to watch True Blood a week ago, despite his awareness that i FUCKING hate vampires (not out of fear, mind, but because i think they're homo, stupidly supernatural and have perpetuated the disgusting gothy craze that i hate ever-so much), thinking that i MAY appreciate it, and i DO! now though, that we're in the third season, i kinda want to die again because of all the werewolves, shifters, maenads and faeries. it's all a little homo and i'm purely hanging on because i like to watch Lafayette, Tara and Godric.
people with gaps in their front teeth
actually achieving when training a dog... since we've had the puppy in the flat, it's been a constant battle with his fucking chewing shit (first, he destroyed a rug, then some shoes, then my laptop wire, THEN every single thing on our coffee table). after several days of issues we broke down and bought him a kennel and for the last two weeks we've been trying to teach him to use his kennel and the hard work finally paid off when i was about to leave for work the other day and i stepped into the room and said "kennel" to him and he immediately hopped up and went straight in. treats were abound and since then, he is completely and officially kennel trained and we couldn't be more happy.
red shoes with a blue dress
whole grain mustard
when Caribbean Queen comes on at work... who fucking knew Kmart would have such an amazing playlist that included my favourite song ever?!
The Thing... absolutely one of the greatest films i have literally ever seen in my life. the imagery in it is astounding and the special effects completely blew my fucking mind. seriously, if you've not seen it, please know it's totally worth the money and you should go rent, buy or download it as soon as you can.
Up All Night
Bob's Burgers
cooking magazines
MY STUFF... which should be here from England in like, two weeks, maximum.
Dr Pepper
photo frames... and the fact that i got TWO amazing and huge ones for SIX dollars!
amazing bargains
Service Desk... it's fun and challenging and has really made me enjoy my job more.
how great i am at my job... so great, in fact, that i was commended with a photo on the wall in the communal room saying i'm a "Game Changer" AND i got a pin AND a gift card!
Phish Food ice cream
old photos
Godiva dark chocolate
fried rice
sleeping with a dog in the bed... because he gives the best snuggles AND keeps my feet warm.

and there we are. i need to eat more ice cream and relax, my tummy's acting up again. thanks you all for reading and have a fabulous day/night/afternoon.


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

2012... the first Tuesday

ohhh, so i've been SO busy with workies and stuff that i've just not had any time to stop and type. also, the puppy we've got living in our house decided it'd be fun to eat the shit out of my laptop's powercord, so my e-life has been virtually and literally unplugged.

anyway, here's a list...

hand bells
the way dogs smell
fat dogs... there is very little i love more than fat dogs.
basset hounds... this was exacerbated on New Year's Eve when we drove north to see one of Muffin's friends. they have a basset hound AND a fat sausage dog. it was the most exciting night of my entire life.
the mountain... the one constant over the last several weeks for me has been the mountain. Mr Rainier is so, unbelievably beautiful that i can't believe it. every single day i am baffled by the mountain and love that we live someplace that gives me the opportunity to see such beauty.
the first bite of a fudgecicle
Family Guy
all my cupcake stuff... our house is completely covered with cupcake crap... glass ones, paper ones, plush ones, plastic ones, thumbtack ones, snowman ones, post-it ones, Christmas ones... SO MANY cupcakes that you couldn't believe it. i love ALL the cupcakes in our house, every single one.
Laurie getting me all that cupcake stuff... Muffin's mummy got me a whole giant shitload of cupcake stuff for Christmas and i am SO pleased! i love that people just buy me shit loads of cupcake stuff all the time and i love that she thought enough of me to literally get me an entire box filled with cupcake stuff.
Chinese hot dog buns
when children don't have to be told to say thank you
helpful customers... in line with the hanger suggestion from my last list, ANOTHER helpful thing that i love for customers to do is to put all their items on the counter with the barcodes up. can i tell you why? because the whole system at work is for us to have the best numbers for rings per minute, so the helpfulness of a customer who does THAT not only helps them to be more efficient, but also helps MY numbers.
Samuel L. Jackson
Colbert Report... i'm not going to dignify this with ANY blurb, just know that this is the only place or time that you will ever read that.
truckers that look stereotypically like truckers
Taco John's
Honey Habanero Chicken
Raising Hope
sausage dogs


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