Tuesday, 25 September 2012

this Tuesday brought to you by a poor college student

i'm pretty miserable and stressed tonight, seeing as school is busy and our wallets have been destroyed (even more so after Friday)

anyways. i need to get to sleep soon, so here's a quick list...

my teacher
my sister
my schoolbooks
picking my nose
clean glasses
finishing a painting
ice cubes
peach rings
raspberry seeds
diet cola
filling my walls with art
new bike
paintings of mountains
Bubble Bobble
zombie games
the American flag
wedding photos
Ricki Lake
Shirley McLain
long corridors
coconut mocha frappuccinos
inappropriate band names
riding bikes
the seaside
acrylic paint
glittery nail varnish
Family Guy
Breaking Bad
snuggling under a blanket when i'm freezing
iced mugs
nail clippers
inappropriate tattoos
fluffy towels

eh, the end. i need sleep. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

THIS Tuesday brought to you by Japan!

last week, i received a parcel. the parcel was from a friend of mine who lives in Japan after being moved there by the military a short while ago. prior to her leaving i had met her only twice. once, at Ashley's wedding and the second time was when she very kindly offered to come retrieve me from the airport during a visit to my sisters. she is a selfless, beautiful and perfectly fabulous friend of a friend who i  have been fortunate enough to have made into a personal friend.

since moving to Japan, we've been in touch as i have sent her on a very specific mission to find me as many strange flavours or Kit Kats as she can, as, it seems, Japan is the foremost provider in obscure tastebud friends (such as aloe vera, cheese, lemon vinegar, french salt, royal milk tea, miso and wasabi. i mean, COME ON!!!). alas, she has yet to find ANY Kit Kats anyplace, but has done amazingly well at finding me several other very special foreign treats which arrived and have all been tasted. many of them ruined my life, but overall, i can't help but be filled with glee because i've got such an incredible opportunity to experience new cultures.

and with that, i shall start my list...

Royal Milk Tea... one of the many treats sent to me from Japan that i've fallen in love with! i miss England so much and this beautiful little creamy tea drink made my tastebuds dance with glee.
Breaking Bad... literally, our new favourite show. we've been meaning to watch it for freaking ages and i finally decided to just put it on the other night because everyone i know wouldn't shut up about it. it's amazingly good though, seriously.
LaDonna... she humours me and my love for tattoos. she will listen to me talk about artists and is just literally the most wonderful sister in the world. i love her so much.
newborn calves
Hans Zimmer
ROSEANNE... there is absolutely not a single person i love as much as i love her. i get such a surge of excitement, nostalgia, and glee that i nearly have to throw up. she's just such a magical, beautiful and hilarious person. 
Toys... the film. SUCH an amazing film.
the taste of lemonade... especially AFTER brushing my teeth.
the smell before it rains... which Washington doesn't experience often... it surprises me that such a rainy state can lack in the amazing pre-rain smell, but it seems to have and i've missed it. recently, though, despite the drought we've been suffering, when rains HAVE come, the smell has been incredible!
Five-Year Engagement... great film, go watch it NOW!
Biore face wash
the commisary... pretty much my favourite part about having access to a military base. the amount that can be saved is ridiculous. they literally stock everything and take coupons from EVERYPLACE, meaning that the amount that can be saved is almost joke-worthy. be jealous.
Gilbert Gottfried
book sales... we went to one this last week and every single thing in the store was three dollars or less. i nearly died.
Friday date nights... my Friday's don't feature dates with Muffin though, they're with Sarah! we've been relishing in hanging out every single Friday for the last several months and i completely adore every tiny minute we get to spend together.
steamed buns... burger buns. steamed. heaven.
hearing Muffin laugh... but only when he doesn't know i'm listening. he sits in the other room and giggles to himself like a little schoolgirl. i love it so much!
car saleswoman... we've been looking at cars for the last week and one of the places we went was a Jeep dealership where the saleswoman literally told me that she knew i didn't have a license, but i could drive one if i wanted. of course, i don't like being illegal, so i totally didn't take her up on the offer. i hate Jeeps anyway.
stuffed-crust pizza
stick bugs
guessing when Walt will unveil the meth cooking... see Breaking Bad.
tiny gauge crochet hooks
white peacocks
when shows have short intros
taking Sebass places... he's SO well-behaved and there is literally not a place i take him where i'm not stopped by EVERYONE to be told how adorable he is.
our wedding photos... which we FINALLY, after over a year, have gotten into frames and hung on the wall.
caricaturists... it's been SO long since i've gotten to sit down and have a caricature done of me, so i clearly wouldn't have missed the chance to have it done yesterday whilst at the fair with Muffin, Sarah and Randy. the results were AMAZING (see below)!
new car... yep. we finally got rid of the moneypit that was the BMW and have made a more intelligent and economical move toward a Ford. we love it, mostly because it's glittery, but also because it has satellite radio and INCREDIBLE air con.
foreign tattoo magazines
imperfections in teeth
tiny fish
Panera Bread
blood oranges
filling photo frames
garage sales
Half-Price Books
bookshelves... of which we have eleven... i love them a lot.
vintage guitars
OMG GLEE!! favourite show ever! i wept.

and that's that!  have a marvelous day!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tuesday brought to you by wiener dogs...


i'm finally sitting down to this blog after a fabulously wonderful morning at a new friend's house. her name is Allie and she has a wiener dog. a girl wiener dog. named Ruby. who is now Sebastian's bff and eventual girlfriend. i shall get into how i met Allie in another blog, so let's just focus on the fact that i've finally found someone else who loves wiener dogs as much as i do!!

so, Sebass, Muffin and i spent the day at Allie's house, watching our wieners prance around. it was fabulous.

now, i'm home, Sebass is dead to the world, Muffin's out at a friend's and i'm sitting here with a belly full of curly fries and diet cola. i can't see any reason that i shouldn't post a blog!

here we go!

wiener dogs.... pshhhhh! like this WOULDN'T be the first thing on this list! there's not a single thing i DON'T love about wiener dogs! they're adorable!
documentaries in English... because i watch a TON of documentaries, but i also like to craft and generally multi-task whilst doing so, meaning the ones in English are the best for me. problem is,  the ratio of English to non-English is like, 1:5, leaving me pretty screwed and stuck with my eyeballs reading the screen and not watching stitches being made into blankets or toys. sigh. what a difficult life i lead!
diet cola
pretzel buns
Benicio Del Toro... STUD!
sedation rifle needles... i pretty much just love them because they have those adorable little balls of fluff at the end of each of them. it's cutesy!
Oreo crusts
Fruit Bars... i picked some up on accident at the supermarket one afternoon when i was legitimately concerned i might die of heat exhaustion. i picked up some coconut flavoured Dryer's Fruit Bars and they blew my goddamned mind. since then i have gotten my paws on a blueberry one, a lemonade one and the best one of all, a pineapple one! they are filled with natural fruit juices and chunks of fruit and they make me SO HAPPY!
Jason Segel
painting my nails
sleeping in
preparing for school
anatomy charts
clam chowder
giant ships
curly fries
CLEAN glasses
dark chocolate
thick accents
 the end! it's time for another fruit bar!


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