Tuesday, 27 September 2011

MY tuesday...

it's documentary day! also, i'm in the middle of making flash cards for Muffin's medical terms course. my hand is sore as shit, but it's helping my penmanship and helps hubby, so i'm more than happy to keep on with it.

have a list!

tiny, elderly asian women
OMG LEMONADE... i've absolutely fallen completely in love with lemonade. i bought a random small bottle a few weeks ago after some serious citrus cravings and that sealed my fate... it's all i want to drink all the time, constantly. i now buy it two huge bottles at a time and drink the shit out of it, day and night. it's my favourite.
Meg Ryan
Benny and Joon
fried onions
rice noodles
Vietnam... the country and food, not the conflict. i've been crazy into documentaries recently and i've watched a few on Vietnam and the foods that are historical to the culture and scenery that is valued by the individuals. it looks like an amazing place to visit and i absolutely plan to one day.
Bizarre Foods
giving hugs
vegetable crisps
banana bread
jordan almonds
when an actor's character's name in a film is the same as their real name
when a comedian laughs at their own jokes

Michelle Obama
seeing Booger... giving him away was really hard for me. it took a massive toll on me and left me feeling really empty when i'd come home and not find him bouncing around to greet me. Saturday we finally made our way out to the house of the family we gave him to and i got to squish his little face and be reassured by his incessant bouncing that he DOES remember me. it was no nice to see him so happy. he lives with a new bff who he prances and cuddles with and it really set my mind at ease that he went to the most perfect home possible.
Golden Girls
having my mum's old afghans

when i notice Muffin's thrown something away... because no matter what a good boy he is, he LOVES to forget to throw things away. we've had the same three deodorant tubes in the bathroom for the last year... all nearly empty, but not quite. i've harassed him constantly to finish them off, because when i attempted to toss them out he'd throw a fit. that's why i was surprised and delighted to see one of those tubes in the bin yesterday morning after he left for school. he's slowly getting there, being a big boy and throwing things away, and that pleases me.
Sakura brand pens
helping Muffin with schoolwork... it's fun because i get to learn too. i get to read his books and understand what he understands so that i can help him study. it's nice to learn again and gives me something really fun and fruitful to do with my days.
flash cards
full bookshelves
talking to Janey again... because words could not have ever explained how much i missed her. i missed being able to share stories with her, show photos to her and learn that she's been doing with her days. i hate that we have to be so far away and i can only say that i'm thankful that i at least get a weekly email from her. hopefully, i'll be able to see her sometime in the near future, but until then, this'll have to do .

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

hey, it's tuesday!

okay, so i've been rather lax recently with my blogs and for that i apologize. unpacking the house has really been consuming everything in my life... not that i've been unpacking very WELL, but i DO like to periodically escape from my lazy stupor on the sofa to unpack a random box here and there.

also, i had an impromptu date at the dentist office, which was nice. i'd been worried about my teeths for a little while, but LaDonna dragging me to the dentist a week prior to my wedding left me with the knowledge that my teeth are more of a trainwreck than i imagined they were. a $14,000 quote later left me with tiny knots in my tummy and uncertainty about the future of my mouth.

fast-forward about five weeks and here i sit with a pin in one of my teeth and vicodin coursing through my veins after having had my third root canal ever.

mouth issues aside, i have also been prancing to and from the dentist for appointment after appointment, the biggest of them being for my mental health... which reminds me, i have an appointment TODAY! i need to get this list done so's i can go to the doctor! i shall do a huge update post later tonight or tomorrow... keep your eyeballs peeled for THAT and enjoy THIS:

Alicia Silverstone
Blast From the Past
long drives/road trips... i've always loved long trips. i don't care what the mode of transport is, i just love being on the move. driving's always delightful and allows for roadstops and lots of red-light kisses, which makes me happy.
Muffin's smile... which i can never, ever get enough of. for years i had dreamed of what it would be like to have an all-access pass to his face and smile and... HIM, and here i am, finally, after all these years and i couldn't be more pleased.
the RKO Radio Pictures opening
lone trees on hills... particularly at sunset, when they are silhouetted against an orange-pink background.
Wyoming and Utah mountains
how much i enjoy farting... and ruining Muffin's life as a result. my favourite is to sneak them out secretly, unsure entirely of whether or not they will be stenchy, but always delighted if they are.
"breaking in" the new house... because who DOESN'T love to find all the new and excitingly special places to earmark as good or terribly awful sexytime spots in a new house?!
spending time with Sarah... and not just because she's my only friend here in Washington, but also because she is so much fun. i love that i can talk with her about when we were younger, mock people from years ago for their indiscretions and just sit and banter without any pre-conceived ideas of what our playdates should entail. she's amazing and i love her.
when pedestrians wave when i stop for them to cross... i heart polite people and when they can register that i am taking time out of MY busy schedule to yield for them to cross the road, i appreciate it.
fried pickles... because, PHWOAR! they are literally my favourite snack at the moment. completely my favourite!
corned beef
sweet potato fries
alcoholic shakes
when a server is wearing a hairnet... ESPECIALLY when it's a moustache-net
Pepe from the Muppets
how much bigger my ears are than Muffin's... his are 5/8 of an inch and MINE are an inch and-a-half and i couldn't be HAPPIER!
praying mantis(i?)
stretching my ears again... there's something wonderful about stretching and i'd forgotten about that magic. i love, love, LOVE taping my ears and feeling the burning and knowing that i will soon be able to fit into my new plugs (which i have lovingly placed on my bathroom counter for me to look at every day and aspire to, much like someone would do with an outfit they plan to slim down to fit into).
Pinterest? i'm still SLIGHTLY unsure of Pinterest and how i feel about it. at the moment, it seems to be fun for creating a scrapbook that i can't do anything with but look at online, and i don't tend to like those types of limitations, but i'll keep trucking on with it and seen how it works out for me.
The Green album... seriously, it's the new cover album for The Muppets and it's adorable.
when a sassy black woman calls me "baby girl"
my dentist
the way my dentist gave me my shot... so, when you go in to get your teeths drilled and you're sitting there on the chair all tense and suffering from a serious case of terror, the main thing that pushes you over the edge before that huge-assed needle jabs into your mouth IS that huge-assed needle running across your line of vision and into your mouth... you are left there helpless and gripped with fear. my dentist though, she was so calm and relaxed and talked to me whilst sneaking the needle complete out of my line of sight, into my mouth, making me numb before i ever had the chance to grip the arm cushions or widen my eyes with horror. she had the actual hands of an angel.
nitrous... i've not had it in years and when i saw that familiar mask next to my chair i immediately new i was in good hands. they put it on me and i fell into a dizzy world narrated by my iPod. it was so nice.
chocolate truffles
the imalive.org whale advert
old tattoo magazines
Julia Roberts
Dead Island... RARELY do i get so excited about a video game that i have to have it on pre-order for me to pick it up the day it comes out. actually, never in my life i have never in my life pre-ordered anything, so when i asked Muffin to please put a payment down on Dead Island nearly two months ago, he was a little taken aback. fast-forward to this last Tuesday when we picked it up from the shopping centre and rushed home so's i could fight zombies to my heart's content... i am SO full of glee for this game! it' such fun! go check it out!
Our Idiot Brother
George Clooney
Ray Bans
vegetable crisps
dolly-zoom shots

bleh! i need a fag and some more vicodin. have a beautiful week all!



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