Tuesday, 29 January 2013


okay, it's late and Tuesday ends here in sixteen minutes, so i'm going to give you my list quickly...
The Following
Seven Psychopaths
cups of tea
Sam Rockwell
salt on my fruit
talking to Muffin in a constructive manner
smoking cigarettes out in the rain on Ambien
being back in school
ice water
ice cream
fountain Pepsi
having cable again
Full House
49ers going to the Superbowl
frozen blueberries
Sebass is learning to sit
Christpher Walken
giving Sebass HUGE bones
air forming
cutting hair
losing weight
getting my nails done
how much i think about hair
my boobs
listening to Muffin talk to his kids
organizing shit
hair gel
my hand tattoo
Encino Man
Joshua trees
impending trip
ridiculous toys
Monty Python
my Nook
Let's Pretend This Didn't Happen
creamy chicken ramen
the name Zachariah
Grilled Onion Cheddar burger from McDonald's
scratching Muffin's back

urgh! bedtime! the film is over and Muffin's sleepy and stressed-out. also. my Ambien is kicking in... i'll start rambling soon. just know that i've been busy and hate that i've not finished a blog recently. i HAVE started about four and have been working on them progressively, but with school, the five THOUSAND projects i am in the middle of doing (a British Flag blanket, an undersea baby mobile, a giant heart, a remote holder and many, MANY other items... obviously four-thousand, nine-hundred and ninety-six other items) and some other fucking bullshit that i can't even BELIEVE i am a part of right now, i've just not been in a very good place to focus on ANYTHING. hopefully, over this coming weekend i'll be able to sit and focus on finishing some posts.

i heart you guys...

also? can you, if you believe in praying, please send some good vibes my way? the McBlowme household is really facing a lot of horrible stuff at the moment and could use all the love and help we can get.

thanks. <3

Monday, 14 January 2013

High School All Over Again...

the day i decided to enroll for cosmetology school i did not know what i was getting myself into.
i had this fabulous image in my head of a bunch of sassy young adults (mostly female, but with one EXTRA sassy, possibly gay man, to make things super-fun) gathered in a group where we played with hair, did a lot of bookwork and were responsible and capable of functioning like real, live grown-ups.

i expected to see all of my favourite films featuring salons (SEE: Earth Girls Are Easy,  Steel Magnolias and Beautician and the Beast) culminate into a delightful spin-off starring me, a wacky salon bff, a fabulously zany teacher and a collection of rowdy but compassionate classmates who would fall prey to misconceptions at first, but ultimately end up being really close, almost a family.

well... no. all i can say is no.

the first quarter has now come and gone and from the preconceived hopes, all i got out of it was the friend (Morgan, you've all heard of her) and the zany teacher. nothing but drama befell our group of twelve, which Morgan and i attempted with massive zeal to remain out of. we would prance outside each break, cigarettes in hand and talk about hair and shears and the lesson plan for the day... occasionally we would share our cigarette time with other people, other times not. either way, Morgan and i really bonded in our need to be the best in the class (we literally ONLY live for trying to one-up each other in class... fyi, i won last quarter. only marginally, but i won) and in our endeavours to become involved in as little drama as physically possible in class (because, our logic dictated, school is NOT for recreating dramatic scenes from daily soap operas and making bffs, but for learning. the end).

despite our many efforts to avoid all the drama, the quarter ended on a wildly obscene note with a massive argument (featuring yours truly and another girl in class who i now dearly love) and dramatic silences. the small group of us that were involved vowed that we would come back this quarter with a new lease on life, be positive and not perpetuate ugly gossip or negativity.

well.... now we are soaring into our third week in the second quarter with significantly more attitude and shittyness. there's been arguing, there's been backstabbing and more than anything, there's been a wild escalation in the elevation that these are being taken to. the escalation has actually become so wild that we have had to spend no less than a couple of hours in the teacher's office trying to figure out what the hell we are going to do about all of this.

apparently, now, today, things are okay. apologies have been offered and we're hopefully moving on and will progress to a great new quarter and a fabulous rest of our course.

i'm not holding my breath though.

high school shit aside? school's wonderful. we started working on the floor officially last Thursday and i got the joy of working with three clients. it was terrifying but also wildly exciting. we're learning a lot of stuff and are finally going into really meaty styling and will be doing hair colouring in about a month, so wish me luck with the rest of this quarter... hopefully nobody gets shouted at!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

January 2013

things i love most RIGHT NOW:

  • the way the puppy literally vocalizes everything
  • Sims 3
  • the last night relaxing in the house before i have to go to school
  • Muffin kisses (they've somehow become more magical than they have ever been before
  • teeny-tiny McDonald's fries (THEY'RE SO TINY!)
things that are consuming my life right now:
  • an amazing blanket i am making for Molly... it's a giant Union Jack with the edging fading from white into a deep purple. it will blow that tiny girl's mind!
  • my Nook... the other night i spent several hours trolling through my Amazon wishlist and downloaded every single book i could find (yeah, i'm a pirate, deal with it) and have set myself up with a very fabulous running order for all the books i plan to read.
  • Android Apps... i am driving myself INSANE trying to organize my mobile into something more helpful for my needs. right now it's just in shambles and i really need to organize my mobile so it's got what i need on all the screens i need them on. i can't find anything and don't even know what apps i even have anymore.
  • Pinterest... for SO MANY REASONS! i have decided 2013 will be the year of ALL THE CRAFTS and so i plan to constantly harass all Pinterest has to offer to help me to make excellent crafting decisions.
  • 7 little words... AMAZING GAME! PLAY IT!
in fact, on the Pinterest topic, let me tell you what i plan to make this month!
a book with 365 days in it that i can fill out every single day of the year. i ant to have something special to reflect back on this time next year.
in an effort to make my crafting and organizing life more manageable, i plan to make a sort of bucket list that i can have visible at all times to make sure i am always reminded of what i need to work on.
a row on a scarf for every day... the row should be the colour of the sky that particular day... obviously, it's Washington, so the scarf will just be grey, but it should be nice.
i am also all about this photo:
Imagei love it because it solidifies the very first car journey with this little man. we drove to the ocean and he was VERY well behaved. also?! can i just point out how ridiculously adorable his sweater is?!
last but not least... here's a quote.

new year, new blog...

i've decided to sort my life out a little bit and the first step was my blog. i always find myself a lot more clear in the head when i've been writing which has prompted me to want to post more... to process things and open up a little more, if not only for myself than maybe for the few, random people who may or may not have a gander at my blog from time to time.

so, today, on the first day of twenty-thirteen, i have a new plan to write more and really just change a lot of massive parts of my life. parts that have really come to a head as needing to be done in the last several months particularly.

let me elaborate and also resolve...

i plan to practice more patience, within reason, though. i don't want to find myself being taken advantage of, but i really do need to try and be more understanding, compassionate and at ease. i find myself in such a rush constantly and furious about even the slightest things. i don't know where this need to have things happen constantly, instantly and my way came from, but i hate it and the way that it makes me feel.
on the other hand, i plan to stand up for myself more often. and not just myself... Muffin too. i get walked all over and so does my husband and i plan to do a lot of standing-up and sorting-out of our lives this year. i want for our lives to be healthier and happier. we both deserve to be happy and we need to become more responsible for ourselves and our personal needs.
i plan to do more crafting
. i hate how much i've let myself slack with my crafting. i am constantly on Pinterest and filled with massive amounts of inspiration and still find myself playing more video games or watching more Glee. i really need to start doing more... i want to draw, crochet, knit, sew, ANYTHING. i've got tons of half-finished projects hanging around all over the house and i really  want to just finish them.
i plan to start organizing my
 life. it is in shambles and i want to pull it together. i want to get rid of a lot of stuff (which is REALLY a big deal for me because i am a massive hoarder, just like my sister and my mum and find it wildly difficult to throw pretty much anything away) and have been running a regular inventory in my head for the last several weeks... the inventory contains a list of all the items that i a, willing to get rid of and where i plan to get rid of them to. we'll see how it works out, but i've been really working towards finding good ways to downsize and organize and i plan to put a good effort into it.
i plan to fill my life with more fitness and health
. i am wildly unhealthy and it's getting out of hand now. the amount of fast food consumed in my life is outrageous compared to the very tiny amount of physical activity i partake in. i really want to make my life more healthy and feel better when i look in the mirror because right now, when i look in the mirror or down at my belly or even at my wrists, i hate myself. i hate myself so much and can't justify getting angry at Muffin or McDonald's or anybody else... i need to take ownership of my health and body and make things better.
i plan to do a lot more cooking
. i used to cook so much. my home was full of baked goods and always smelled of garlic because of the ridiculous amounts i went through in my curries and bolognaise. i seem to have completely given up... and even on the days when i get a wild hair up my arse and go out to get fresh ingredients, it just ends up going bad because i get coerced into going to get the new XXL Nachos from Taco Bell or something else. i really need to pull my life together and be healthier and enjoy more me-time in the kitchen.
other things?!
read more
write more letters
blog more
communicate better
learn new things

i really don't want to go over-the-top with my list of goals for this year, so i think this is a good start.
so, welcome to my blog and welcome to a new, hopefully improved me. i hope this year goes as well as planned. wish me luck and good luck to you and all of your own goals for this year.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

i got a new blog

so, i got a new blog for Christmas...

i've moved everything to my new address and i hope you will follow me!

happy new year and i hope to see you around!



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