Wednesday, 2 January 2013

new year, new blog...

i've decided to sort my life out a little bit and the first step was my blog. i always find myself a lot more clear in the head when i've been writing which has prompted me to want to post more... to process things and open up a little more, if not only for myself than maybe for the few, random people who may or may not have a gander at my blog from time to time.

so, today, on the first day of twenty-thirteen, i have a new plan to write more and really just change a lot of massive parts of my life. parts that have really come to a head as needing to be done in the last several months particularly.

let me elaborate and also resolve...

i plan to practice more patience, within reason, though. i don't want to find myself being taken advantage of, but i really do need to try and be more understanding, compassionate and at ease. i find myself in such a rush constantly and furious about even the slightest things. i don't know where this need to have things happen constantly, instantly and my way came from, but i hate it and the way that it makes me feel.
on the other hand, i plan to stand up for myself more often. and not just myself... Muffin too. i get walked all over and so does my husband and i plan to do a lot of standing-up and sorting-out of our lives this year. i want for our lives to be healthier and happier. we both deserve to be happy and we need to become more responsible for ourselves and our personal needs.
i plan to do more crafting
. i hate how much i've let myself slack with my crafting. i am constantly on Pinterest and filled with massive amounts of inspiration and still find myself playing more video games or watching more Glee. i really need to start doing more... i want to draw, crochet, knit, sew, ANYTHING. i've got tons of half-finished projects hanging around all over the house and i really  want to just finish them.
i plan to start organizing my
 life. it is in shambles and i want to pull it together. i want to get rid of a lot of stuff (which is REALLY a big deal for me because i am a massive hoarder, just like my sister and my mum and find it wildly difficult to throw pretty much anything away) and have been running a regular inventory in my head for the last several weeks... the inventory contains a list of all the items that i a, willing to get rid of and where i plan to get rid of them to. we'll see how it works out, but i've been really working towards finding good ways to downsize and organize and i plan to put a good effort into it.
i plan to fill my life with more fitness and health
. i am wildly unhealthy and it's getting out of hand now. the amount of fast food consumed in my life is outrageous compared to the very tiny amount of physical activity i partake in. i really want to make my life more healthy and feel better when i look in the mirror because right now, when i look in the mirror or down at my belly or even at my wrists, i hate myself. i hate myself so much and can't justify getting angry at Muffin or McDonald's or anybody else... i need to take ownership of my health and body and make things better.
i plan to do a lot more cooking
. i used to cook so much. my home was full of baked goods and always smelled of garlic because of the ridiculous amounts i went through in my curries and bolognaise. i seem to have completely given up... and even on the days when i get a wild hair up my arse and go out to get fresh ingredients, it just ends up going bad because i get coerced into going to get the new XXL Nachos from Taco Bell or something else. i really need to pull my life together and be healthier and enjoy more me-time in the kitchen.
other things?!
read more
write more letters
blog more
communicate better
learn new things

i really don't want to go over-the-top with my list of goals for this year, so i think this is a good start.
so, welcome to my blog and welcome to a new, hopefully improved me. i hope this year goes as well as planned. wish me luck and good luck to you and all of your own goals for this year.


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