Monday, 14 January 2013

High School All Over Again...

the day i decided to enroll for cosmetology school i did not know what i was getting myself into.
i had this fabulous image in my head of a bunch of sassy young adults (mostly female, but with one EXTRA sassy, possibly gay man, to make things super-fun) gathered in a group where we played with hair, did a lot of bookwork and were responsible and capable of functioning like real, live grown-ups.

i expected to see all of my favourite films featuring salons (SEE: Earth Girls Are Easy,  Steel Magnolias and Beautician and the Beast) culminate into a delightful spin-off starring me, a wacky salon bff, a fabulously zany teacher and a collection of rowdy but compassionate classmates who would fall prey to misconceptions at first, but ultimately end up being really close, almost a family.

well... no. all i can say is no.

the first quarter has now come and gone and from the preconceived hopes, all i got out of it was the friend (Morgan, you've all heard of her) and the zany teacher. nothing but drama befell our group of twelve, which Morgan and i attempted with massive zeal to remain out of. we would prance outside each break, cigarettes in hand and talk about hair and shears and the lesson plan for the day... occasionally we would share our cigarette time with other people, other times not. either way, Morgan and i really bonded in our need to be the best in the class (we literally ONLY live for trying to one-up each other in class... fyi, i won last quarter. only marginally, but i won) and in our endeavours to become involved in as little drama as physically possible in class (because, our logic dictated, school is NOT for recreating dramatic scenes from daily soap operas and making bffs, but for learning. the end).

despite our many efforts to avoid all the drama, the quarter ended on a wildly obscene note with a massive argument (featuring yours truly and another girl in class who i now dearly love) and dramatic silences. the small group of us that were involved vowed that we would come back this quarter with a new lease on life, be positive and not perpetuate ugly gossip or negativity.

well.... now we are soaring into our third week in the second quarter with significantly more attitude and shittyness. there's been arguing, there's been backstabbing and more than anything, there's been a wild escalation in the elevation that these are being taken to. the escalation has actually become so wild that we have had to spend no less than a couple of hours in the teacher's office trying to figure out what the hell we are going to do about all of this.

apparently, now, today, things are okay. apologies have been offered and we're hopefully moving on and will progress to a great new quarter and a fabulous rest of our course.

i'm not holding my breath though.

high school shit aside? school's wonderful. we started working on the floor officially last Thursday and i got the joy of working with three clients. it was terrifying but also wildly exciting. we're learning a lot of stuff and are finally going into really meaty styling and will be doing hair colouring in about a month, so wish me luck with the rest of this quarter... hopefully nobody gets shouted at!


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