Wednesday, 3 April 2013


it has been SUCH a stressful few weeks and i can't even believe how little i've been able to do to just relax and regroup myself. my life has been moving at a wild pace and i'm exhausted and slightly ready to just die and not do anything for a while.

let's do this Tuesday now so i can go to bed though.

also, i know i say this a lot, but i really, REALLY do have like five blogs in the pipelines... i've been working on them for ages and just haven't had the energy or time to sit and finish them. i've been on a major block with my writing and just need to pull it together.

anyways, let's get to this list...

when directors film a scene through a mirror in the room
huge, burly men in tiny sweaters
strawberry lemonade
... i literally can't even believe how much strawberry lemonade i have consumed in the last few weeks. it is all i want to drink and i've actually come to be quite the strawberry lemonade snob and get pretty sassy about sub-par strawberry lemonades.
iced coffee
learning about hair colouring
when Muffin talks about something he's really passionate about
... he gets a really, REALLY excited look on his face, he lights up and he gets a tiny bit of a squeak in his voice. it's adorable and makes me glee every single time.
covers of songs in foreign languages
oxidized copper
Tacoma IRS
... when we first found out that we needed to travel downtown to retrieve our tax transcripts for the last two years, i was mortified. i had only heard terrible things about the IRS and the thought of driving into town, paying to park and then waiting in line for god knows how long made me want to kill myself. i pranced into the office with my Nook in hand, prepared for a long wait only to find the staff amazingly helpful and efficient. we were only in the office for about two minutes before walking out with our tax transcripts for the last two years in hand. we've now been there three times (with ANOTHER visit scheduled for tomorrow morning) and have been pleasantly delighted every single time. i love them.
when a burger bun is toasted
fountain Pepsi
fruit bowls
Muffin talking to Molly again
... there's been a lot of hooplah going on recently and Muffin has been having trouble being able to talk to his daughter, so now that we're back on a reasonably consistent schedule (well, two weeks... we'll see), it makes  me happy. he loves her so much and they both deserve to be allowed to build a relationship with each other without people interfering... it's nice.
when the shadows of clouds fall on a field
Tacoma landfill
... it seems that all the places in Tacoma that SHOULDN'T be fabulous really are. first the IRS and now the landfill?! Muffin and i pranced to the landfill this last weekend to offload our stupid old sofa to make room for our new sofa, expecting to find a typical landfill setting, seagulls hovering over mountains of horrible-smelling trash... nope. not in Tacoma. they have a GIANT warehouse that is in a constant state of organization that has designated areas, depending on what you're dumping... it's fully enclosed and has a massive group of workers filtering everything out into organized mini-warehouses, depending on the type of rubbish. literally, it was amazing and i wouldn't shut up about it for at least two days after. it was fabulous.
Muffin driving trucks
... he looked SO MANLY and wonderful. i wanted to just pounce him!
... so, things have taken a glorious turn for the better when, at court the other day, the judge ordered that Molly be able to come visit us for TWO MONTHS this summer, starting the day after she gets out of school!! this is particularly delightful because Muffin hasn't seen his little lady literally, for nearly a year-and-a-half. it'll be so much fun and really be a great time for the two of them to learn about one another and build a great relationship.  if anyone has any suggestions about activities to do with a little lady or how to be a step-mum without being pushy, please feel free to leave them here. i'd love it.
new sofa

right, i've got homework to do and a bed to sleep in. i'll try to get some stuff posted soon.

be well and thanks for reading.


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