Wednesday, 2 January 2013

January 2013

things i love most RIGHT NOW:

  • the way the puppy literally vocalizes everything
  • Sims 3
  • the last night relaxing in the house before i have to go to school
  • Muffin kisses (they've somehow become more magical than they have ever been before
  • teeny-tiny McDonald's fries (THEY'RE SO TINY!)
things that are consuming my life right now:
  • an amazing blanket i am making for Molly... it's a giant Union Jack with the edging fading from white into a deep purple. it will blow that tiny girl's mind!
  • my Nook... the other night i spent several hours trolling through my Amazon wishlist and downloaded every single book i could find (yeah, i'm a pirate, deal with it) and have set myself up with a very fabulous running order for all the books i plan to read.
  • Android Apps... i am driving myself INSANE trying to organize my mobile into something more helpful for my needs. right now it's just in shambles and i really need to organize my mobile so it's got what i need on all the screens i need them on. i can't find anything and don't even know what apps i even have anymore.
  • Pinterest... for SO MANY REASONS! i have decided 2013 will be the year of ALL THE CRAFTS and so i plan to constantly harass all Pinterest has to offer to help me to make excellent crafting decisions.
  • 7 little words... AMAZING GAME! PLAY IT!
in fact, on the Pinterest topic, let me tell you what i plan to make this month!
a book with 365 days in it that i can fill out every single day of the year. i ant to have something special to reflect back on this time next year.
in an effort to make my crafting and organizing life more manageable, i plan to make a sort of bucket list that i can have visible at all times to make sure i am always reminded of what i need to work on.
a row on a scarf for every day... the row should be the colour of the sky that particular day... obviously, it's Washington, so the scarf will just be grey, but it should be nice.
i am also all about this photo:
Imagei love it because it solidifies the very first car journey with this little man. we drove to the ocean and he was VERY well behaved. also?! can i just point out how ridiculously adorable his sweater is?!
last but not least... here's a quote.


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