Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tuesday brought to you by wiener dogs...


i'm finally sitting down to this blog after a fabulously wonderful morning at a new friend's house. her name is Allie and she has a wiener dog. a girl wiener dog. named Ruby. who is now Sebastian's bff and eventual girlfriend. i shall get into how i met Allie in another blog, so let's just focus on the fact that i've finally found someone else who loves wiener dogs as much as i do!!

so, Sebass, Muffin and i spent the day at Allie's house, watching our wieners prance around. it was fabulous.

now, i'm home, Sebass is dead to the world, Muffin's out at a friend's and i'm sitting here with a belly full of curly fries and diet cola. i can't see any reason that i shouldn't post a blog!

here we go!

wiener dogs.... pshhhhh! like this WOULDN'T be the first thing on this list! there's not a single thing i DON'T love about wiener dogs! they're adorable!
documentaries in English... because i watch a TON of documentaries, but i also like to craft and generally multi-task whilst doing so, meaning the ones in English are the best for me. problem is,  the ratio of English to non-English is like, 1:5, leaving me pretty screwed and stuck with my eyeballs reading the screen and not watching stitches being made into blankets or toys. sigh. what a difficult life i lead!
diet cola
pretzel buns
Benicio Del Toro... STUD!
sedation rifle needles... i pretty much just love them because they have those adorable little balls of fluff at the end of each of them. it's cutesy!
Oreo crusts
Fruit Bars... i picked some up on accident at the supermarket one afternoon when i was legitimately concerned i might die of heat exhaustion. i picked up some coconut flavoured Dryer's Fruit Bars and they blew my goddamned mind. since then i have gotten my paws on a blueberry one, a lemonade one and the best one of all, a pineapple one! they are filled with natural fruit juices and chunks of fruit and they make me SO HAPPY!
Jason Segel
painting my nails
sleeping in
preparing for school
anatomy charts
clam chowder
giant ships
curly fries
CLEAN glasses
dark chocolate
thick accents
 the end! it's time for another fruit bar!


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