Tuesday, 28 August 2012

i love Antonio Banderas and you should too!

yep. it's Tuesday and whilst my life is typically incredibly uneventful on a daily basis, today has been ridiculous.

the plan was for us to lie in, me to read until two, take Sebass to the vet and then come home and literally do nothing for the rest of the evening.

pshhha! like a day could ever STAY as simple as planned! it seems the days i WANT things to be exciting or eventful are the ones that lag the most and the days i'd rather just lie in bed all day reading somehow fill up with countless lists of shite.

we arose as planned and i lazily writhed in bed as Muffin stumbled around the house. Sebass and i snuggled and snoozed until breakfast lured me from my fluffy nest. we ate, paid bills and went home where i laid in bed reading with Sebass until appointment time. 

the appointment initially went as i expected, everyone fawning after him, as he is literally the most adorable dog in the entire world. he pranced, got lots of treats and then got poked like a little pincushion. he got shots for Distemper and Rabies, got his temperature taken (via his butthole) and then was taken in back for his microchip. i immediately hated the dumpy ginger veterinarian who whisked him away because he yelped. a lot. a shrieking, miserable yelp that i couldn't do anything about. Muffin lied to me and told me that it wasn't him, generating a story about a tiny chihuahua that was taken in back who MUST be the one yelping.

she came back and Sebass leaped into my arms. Dr. Dumpy tried to win his and my affections back with snacks, but i knew we'd never trust her again.

post-vet we came home to a stupid goddamned neon sticker on our second car which we only noticed aster seeing a similar sticker on a neighbour's car. the sticker claimed we would have our car towed (at OUR expense) in two days time if we didn't get our tags updated (sidenote: the reason we'd not gotten our tags updated on our second car was because we're poor and hadn't had the cash to update them.) to add insult to injury, we only had a hundred bucks left between us and our working car had become decidedly NOT working during our drive to the vet when the check engine light came on, meaning we couldn't safely drive to the Department of Licensing to get new tags.

so we walked.

anyways, we got tags for our car which needs an emissions test, so the tags only allow us to leave the car parked, not drive it anywhere, ever. we walked home and made a quick pit-stop at the office of our apartment complex to complain about the sticker and the sneaky, shitty way that they went about notifying us that our car should be moved.

now though, we're home, bellies full of pizza (which we decided we needed after our shitty day) and Cola. Sebass is lethargic and feeling terrible for himself and we're watching Desperado, which has completely reminded me how much i ADORE Antonio Banderas... which leads me to my list....

Antonio Banderas... who, when i was younger, i loved SO MUCH that i used to write him letters professing my love to him and begging him to keep growing his hair long. also, i had the above images VERY proudly hung above my bed as a young teen. i was just SO in love with him. when i was younger i loved EVERYTHING he was in and HATED Melanie Griffith for marrying him. i literally wouldn't have anything to do with any film she was affiliated with for the longest time.
Antonio Banderas' face
Antonio Banderas' voice
Antonio Banderas' hair 
Antonio Banderas' cheekbones
Antonio Banderas' eyes
Antinio Banderas' lips
snuggly Sebass... which mainly only happens first thing in the morning or whilst medicated.
Muffin... he's my favourite and always will be.
pineapple on pizza
Oreo crusts
Stephen  King
planning for Halloween... firstly, because Janey will be here and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HER! secondly, because Muffin, Janey and i will be going as part of an amazing theme that will blow people's minds. thirdly, because I LOVE HALLOWEEN!
pregnant bellies
days that i feel less fat
saving money
Master Chef
Fall Lineup... pretty much ALL of our favourite shows are on in the fallm so in the next month we'll be glued to our telly, laughing our arses off.
The Jetsons Movie
blueberry ice lollies
talking shit about Quentin Tarantino.. because i hate him and he's a cunt.
holographic glitter

eh, i think that's it. i can't find my cord to plug the fan into my laptop, so i've got a pretty roasty lap right now.

have a fabulous week!


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