Friday, 12 December 2008

i heart things and things NOT tuesday

oh my... not been posting in a while, have i?

things have been a LOT better at home but MYGOD busy everywhere else... i shall ensure i post more from this moment on... bar this weekend, which will feature janey coming to visit! **scree**

a random list of things i heart?

*the glittery effect frost has on the pavement
*crochetting special scarves for special people
*stretching my piercings
*going out for meals with the 'adults' i work with
*baking... OMG baking!
*oatmeal with butter, milk and sugar
*my haircut
*matching my eyeshadow with TINY bits of colour on my outfit... just to make people think.
*slovakia... but only for the run-down and cake-like buildings
*books about zombies

well, i need to go to the dentist, but i will post some more tonight, or perhaps later today... we shall see... but FIRST! some photos!!
one of the cake buildings from slovakia... i hearted this one most and would have taken a better photo if there wasn't some sort of horrific wedding processional taking place directly in front of it.

THE chevy... looking incredibly sassy and oh-so-handsome!


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