Sunday, 1 February 2004

**does interpretive dance involving a pizza and a taco**

i am a pleased beast right now. i just got off the phone with my dad and he is a lovely fellow. we spoke a lot about my mum and sisters. he told me about his wife and he was very curious about chris. i think i am going to go visit him right after i get home from england. we will see what danie's emotions are like. i am afraid of how they will be and what i will feel like when i get home. i will be very emo, i can imagine. i will need lots of emo-support (HINT! HINT! ashley and kevin! hee hee...) i am still a little off from my dad getting a hold of me so quickly; i was totally not ready for that! but... whatevah. i have been praying a lot for brandi... even though i do not agree with the decisions she has made, i still love her and want her to know that. she needs all the prayer she can get, i would imagine. heh. eh, i am pooped! i feel like i could sleep for forever and still have that not be enough. i think that is what i am going to do when i get home from me mum's in the morrow... sleep like a wild beast! i am outta here, butcher is going to phone me! have a miraculous evening!


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