Tuesday, 21 February 2012

freaking Tuesday

oh. em. gee.

things have not been very sane in the McBlowme household for the last several weeks, which explains my lack of posting. so many things have contributed to my lack of contact, not only on here, but on Facebook, emails and any other type of communication you can imagine. in fact, unless you actually come TO my door and force me to hang out, i can't seem to find the means to conjure up the energy to face life outside my apartment.

i've been rather depressed (again), which is the result of a lot of crappy-crap, including, and not limited to losing my job, gaining even more weight and a fair few arguments with Muffin (which has put a shallow dent in the newlywed armor.

in better news, the dent is slowly being bashed out, i've been applying for more jobs and pushing myself harder than before to get myself to a better and more comfortable weight.

no matter what, though, i am ALWAYS working on lists and i have a list today, finally for this Tuesday. sorry again for the delay, and please enjoy.

cherry cola
Grimm... which i have recently learned that this is one of the best shows i've seen in a while... content-wise, that is. the graphics aren't amazing and the acting isn't superb, but the premise of it is really interesting and quite fun to watch in general.
when a young child can point out Johnny Cash... i was out a couple of weeks ago and had a Johnny Cash shirt on and i had a little girl, no older than six, shout out to her mother that he was on my shirt. it is really rare to meet a child of her age these days who is aware of Johnny and i could really appreciate that. i spent the rest of the evening glee'ing all over the store.
having my stuff... probably the best and worst thing about my life at the moment. the day after Super Bowl i literally had forty boxes delivered filled with a combination of books, films, clothes, blankets, cushions and kitchen stuff. our apartment is SO full of stuff that, for a short time, we were unable to move. since the delivery, several stops have been made to Goodwill and the dumpster and since then, we only have a couple of boxes left. it's been nice to be able to go through and recall what things i have been missing for the last eighteen months. i am so happy to finally have it all.
Jeff Goldblum
cream top yoghurt
huge guys with tiny dogs
successfully putting together a bookshelf... and you can imagine there's a boatload, given the amount of boxes that have recently arrived at my apartment.
the books i got... one of which is a journal that says, "i heart everything" on the cover. it's pretty magical.
Smash Books
when cashiers read my order back
Cee Lo
taking the dog on a car ride... because he is just SUCH A GOOD BOY and behaves so well in the car. he gets so excited and looks so happy. i love him so much. 
dog parks... they are just wonderful! we took the puppy there last weekend and i'm sure it was his first time at a dog park. i have never, ever seen him so excited and despite initial concerns that he might be super naughty and run away, never to be seen again, he stayed with us the entire time and came every time we called him. more trips will be taken to the park in the last few weeks we have him.
my pearl necklace... tee hee. i never, ever get over saying that. Muffin got me a set of pearls for Valentine's Day and i couldn't be more pleased. they are beautiful and it's nice to know that he listens sometimes.
the Tacoma skyline
Mike Rowe
my hair right now... which i've been hating a great deal recently, but fell back in love with last night after finally bleaching it again. it's light, soft and just barely long enough to tie back. i am SO happy.
good dreams
Julie West... who's art i've been reminded of since the arrival of my items and i adore. she is SUCH a talented artist!
Archie McPhee
REALLY hot showers
special effects makeup

eh. Mike Rowe's on right now and i have some cream top yoghurt to eat, so i'm gonna go. i hope you enjoyed this. i'll surely be doing a blog again soon that's not just a list. we'll see though.

have a beautiful day.


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