Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Tuesday, January 6th


When I'm at a show and the bass drum beats like it's in my chest
When I'm doing lashes on someone and they fall asleep... So, we were taught lash extensions at school and I am incredible at it. I am fast and very effective, and my clients VERY regularly fall asleep on the bed. It's such a nice feeling to know that my hands are so gentle and I create such an atmosphere of relaxation that it can lull people to sleep.
When people fall asleep in service... just like above, I love that I can do a facial or a brow tint and have someone fall asleep on my bed.
Doing lashes... there is SUCH a relaxing aspect to doing lashes. Almost everyone else in class would argue that lashes are horrible to do because they're boring or tedious. THAT is exactly what I love most about them. I adore sitting down, putting on my headgear, and zoning out for a little over an hour whilst I make someone beautiful. It's so nice.
Gone Girl... THIS MOVIE AND BOOK, YOU GUYS! Muffin and I went to see it with absolutely no knowledge of the story and fell immediately in love. It's intense, emotional, and really great. Read it and see it, you'll be pleased!
Bill Murray
Our local Hooters has a pregnant girl working
... Muffin and I were at dinner several weeks ago on a "Wingsday" and saw a very blatantly pregnant Hooters Girl serving up drinks with a big, gorgeous smile. It was a really wonderful thing to see. I had never imagined Hooters would keep a pregnant girl on given the fact that they won't even let their girls have tattoos, but I am pleased they did!
Django... I completely forget how much I love it.
Snow "snakes" on the road
... You know when you're driving down a highway or not-very-busy road and snow is swirling around looking like snakes squirming all over the street? I love that.
When the moon is visible during the day
... There is little I love more than receiving and giving peels. They are a fantastic service that I adore.
Finishing a book
Autopsy documentaries
When we're both super tired
... I love when Hubby and I both stumble into bed in a sleepy daze and snuggle under the covers all fumbly and tired. 
When you see a person who was driving like a maniac has been pulled over
Drum solos
Xylophone solos

plum-coloured lipstick on a black woman


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