Tuesday, 6 November 2007

a first for most things

well then, here we are... posting in this new blog for the first time.

i have decided that i need a place to be able to put thoughts, desires and disappointments and here is the best place. i do not know anyone on here (yet) and i can imagine this is as good a place as any.

lately i have been in a bit of a state emotionally and mentally as i have been trying to deal with manic depression. england is not very good at helping girls (or boys, i would suspect) with problems. they mostly like to just take ages booking appointments and say that you do not need any help. i know i do and obsiously since the NHS does not plan on helping me at the moment, i need to help myself.

i am attempting to change jobs and just generally change a great deal about my life. i am trying to fix things i thought were previously broken and stop things that used to get away with themselves. my husband and i are trying quite hard to get our relationship back to where it used to be, which is taking longer than one would expect, but we are doing it together, so that makes it easier for both of us.

so, to inform you... the following list are things that you may or may not see discussed on this page.

*crochetting/knitting projects
*guinea pigs and the act of breeding them in hopes of making the fattest most beautiful one ever *work and how much i want to leave it
*manic depression
*films, books and art

and so on and so forth. please enjoy if you are on for the ride. i will try not to bore you.


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