Thursday, 10 December 2009

2: Love my life - for what i am yet to receive

love your life for what you are yet to receive

there are countless things i am yet to receive, things that i am really not even able to fathom. clearly, every day i receive new things... memories, people, items, cuddles, etc. each of these things are what keeps me going.

it is for these small, wonderful that i exist.

i am aware that over the next year, particularly, i will be in receipt of a great deal of fantastical things... the things that i can think i would be so lucky to get are as follows:
  • new people and friends
  • going-away gifts when i move
  • my citizenship
  • tickets to america
  • a home to stay in with my sister upon my arrival back to america
  • perhaps at LEAST seven more gifts from the muffin
  • christmas cards
  • SO many cuddles for SO many creatures
  • letters from my grandma
  • at least ten more paycheques from workies
  • a multitude of memories
  • tattoos from janeyface
  • the opportunity to see the muffin for the (third) first time
  • a painting that pow pow has done for me
  • my Kenwood Kmixer
  • the beginning of a new and outrageously beautiful chapter in the book of danie and dane
  • my divorce
i think that's it for now... those are things i can think of that i KNOW will be coming into my life in the future that will make every single day worth plodding on for, because i know they will be coming.

it is difficult, because i know that every single day offers me something new, something that will inspire me to love my life even more than i did before. i just need to make sure i am humble enough to be able to notice them and not take them for granted.


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