Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tuesday - nothing more, nothing less...

meh... i don't have a lot of energy to type out a serious list today... i feel ill and am pining quite badly for the muffin. i feel very heavy today... heavy and tired.

so, without blurbs or anything, here's a list...

doritos in ranch dressing
jeans team
supernumerary teeth
making people feel better
maple syrup
working on johnny
finishing a project
crochet hooks
my hair
music videos
songs with beautiful lyrics
drinking water
really milky cups of tea
having a poo
long talks with Pow
talking about the future with Muffin
being a part of something
when i don't feel like i'm the only one putting effort into something
glittery cotton
talking about the future of my womb with Muffin
Heston Blumenthol
talking about winning the lotter with Pow
emails from Muffin's dad
interesting food
talking about my scalp tattoo with my co-workers
my connections in the tattoo world
silicone bakeware
interesting words
the new glasses i will be getting
Curtis Baker
when people help me
watching my fish
all the stuff on the walls in my room
talking to my neice
getting a good sleep
studying for my test
planning my move to america
successfully stretching my ears
talking candidly with people
opening mail
plucking my eyebrows
REALLY hot baths
the fact that Pow calls me Superdan
candles that smell like cakes

that's all i've got... this has been typed in between a date with my Powface and i now need to sleep so's i don't die at workies tomorrow...

i hope everyone is well and enjoying their weeks so far!



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