Tuesday, 1 February 2011

tuesday. right.

hm. another tuesday. has another week actually passed? jesus crisps!

it's been a quick one. i didn't even realize seven days had passed. time seems to be a foreign concept to me currently, as my period just started and i am almost completely certain that i had it like, a week ago (obviously, after checking my diary, i can confirm that it is only three days early, but goddamnit, ANY days early for a period is TOO early!). everything just seems to be gelling into one at the moment. it's difficult for me to discern where one days begins and another ends. i'm finding myself having to write even the most tiny details in my diary so i am able to identify which days are which.

i don't know if i'm just tired or depressed or what, but i just can't find the energy to do anything with any kind of zest. i'm just running on autopilot whilst doing the chores and drawing and crocheting.

anyways. despite the weird my week's been made of, i HAVE been planning things to put on my list. let's have a go at this so's i can prance with sarah when she arrives!

the futureheads
working out
painting my nails
working on my newest crochet projects
popping blisters
spearmint mouthwash
working out with Muffin
the way Booger sneezes when he gets excited
better cheddars
serial killers
clean bathrooms
when my womb doesn't hurt
photos of me from my childhood
homemade chocolate chip cookies
Flight of the Conchords
when shit gets done
playdates with Sarah 
fisheye lenses
being able to hear Muffin's car coming home from about half a mile away

no blurbs, just the list.

have a good week. 


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