Tuesday, 22 February 2011

blargh. parp. tuesday.

my fingers are weary from feverishly crocheting an amazing creation for a beast that is very, very deserving. i rarely create on demand, but i am at the moment and it is slowly taking the shape of something i can possibly see myself loving (if you know me, you know i absolutely hate every single thing i make until the very last stitch is sewn into place. i'm my own worst critic. i know)

i thought a quick interlude was on call for me to take some ibuprofen and drink a cola whilst listening to my favourite song about a queen of the caribbean variety. and also to write a list.

i have a blog quest that i SHOULD be starting tomorrow... MAYBE later tonight, depending on how boring Muffin decides to be tonight. it'll be fun and hopefully helpful for me, what with all this emotional crap i have going on, to process things and put them all in the correct place.

so, i shall get on with the list, as this creature needs to be finished for sending-off on thursday. also, i need a fag.

billy ocean
my new mobile phone... it was totally unexpected. Muffin got a new mobile and he had promised me his old one, as the one i purchased when i arrived here was not and never could have possibly been my bff. it is a crappy little tracfone that made me want to die every single time i used it. anyways. Muffin arrived home from work and told me to get ready so we could go to the shop and get a new SIM card and battery and get me onto his contract. we arrived at the shop and i oogled all the other mobiles, the shiny, beautiful display mobiles that were exponentially better than mine. Muffin then asked me which one i would get if i could have my pick of any in the shop. i chose the myTouch. when the store clerk (and Muffin's friend) came to help us he suggested that that particular mobile is NOTGOOD and he wouldn't recommend me getting it. he instead suggested to us the G2, the mobile Muffin had gotten in the mail no less than five hours prior. suddenly, forty minutes had passed and Muffin and i had matching "his and hers" mobile phones. since it's procurement it has become nearly my bff. i never knew what a smartphone was and never really cared until thursday night. i perhaps can never go back now.
saucy postcards
felting brushes
tiny crochet hooks
getting a haircut i'm actually pleased with... i'm not fussy, we all know that. i tend to cut my own hairs and have done since i can remember, but upon my arrival here, i have been the recipient of for realsies salon haircuts. the cutters of my hairs are a group of korean ladies that have a little barber's down the road who specialize in doing military haircuts. since i've been going there i've asked them to give me a medium fade, but they seem to  have been very, VERY terrified to cut me, a girl's hairs THAT short, so finally, yesterday, i walked in and told them to be ruthless and cut the fuck out of my hair. they did and everyone was pleased. i can now look in the mirror with glee as i have a haircut i heart more than most things. she did a perfect job and, fingers crossed, she can do it again in four weeks when i return to her. we'll see!
amazing music videos
the Space Needle... oh yes. i was a spoiled girl on the day after hearting day. Muffin whisked me away to the Seattle Space Needle where we had a very extravagantly priced and flavoured meal. it was the perfect night of kisses, candlelight and skylines. i'd never actually been awarded a night of such romantic indulgence and love, which made it so much more special. seriously, everyone, go to the Space Needle at least once in  your life. it's incredible.
better cheddars
johnny cash's voice
how genuinely retarded Booger is
fake tattoos
not having to ask directions whilst i'm driving... because hey, I KNOW WHERE I'M GOING!
sleepy, sleepy kisses and cuddles
being the tiniest big spoon ever... it's no secret that i am significantly tinier than the burly love of my life. everyone knows it and that fact is so much more lovely when it comes to sleepy cuddletime and Muffin wants to be the "little spoon." i nestle my tiny body up behind him and reach my arm across the massive extent of his chest, twirling my fingers in the forest of hairs that grow just above his sternum. i tangle my legs with his and wonder how the fact that i can barely cuddle him up can make him feel so safe, but it does, so that's all that matters to me.
the eels
primordial dwarves
NOT having sarah's luck with cars
sexy dinners
when Muffin cooks something i can eat and actually, honestly say is good
the trees outside my house... which are astoundingly beautiful and i love to stare at for long stretches in the morning with my cup of tea and a fag.
losing weight a healthier-ish way
when Booger goes absolutely nuts for about ten minutes every few hours
lemon lip balm
geometric patterns
Hi Fructose magazine
incredibly random phone calls... much like the one i had on saturday in which i answered the phone to have a woman ask me if i am okay. i confirmed i was, unsure of who this woman was or why exactly she was concerned for my health. she said she was sorry she'd not called sooner, but apparently she had had dave, linda and julie over and she'd just been far too busy to call until just then. i explained that that was perfectly fine to which she replied that she had to leave, but that she wanted to make absolutely sure i was okay and closed the call by telling me to go to the doctor and email her once i'd done so. and that, that is what i call the joy of new mobile numbers!
wood-fired pizza
the fact that we are the cutest ever, in the world... please see below:

 well, have a delightful tuesday all

Post-Post Edit: seeing as there is some sort of vulgar, offensive anonymous party, it should be known that since this was posted (like, an hour after posting it) i called the said woman back and explained that the call was most likely not directed at me and she laughed, advising that she had immediately realized she made a mistake, as the intended recipient's new phone number had been given to her three days prior. she thanked me for ringing her back. but yes, i am "scum," tar.


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