Tuesday, 4 December 2012

tues... a little (lot) late

fine, i get it, i'm lame and have seriously been lacking in the blogging. let me tell you why...

Janey came to visit for five weeks and i was literally involved in SO MUCH excitement every single day that i couldn't bring myself to pick up my laptop, let alone concentrate on a blog. i've been keeping a list, though, which will certainly help me to get this list rolling.

also? i've got about a thousand blogs in the midst of being written, but i've been trying to concentrate on building a new blog on a different site, which has left me in the mindset of, "i can put it off another day, because i'll CERTAINLY have pulled my head out of my arse soon and have the new, shiny blog up to update with all my shiny, new posts."

that seems to have worked well. clearly.

anyways, here i am today, telling you that i AM building a new site, new format and new EVERYTHING, which should hopefully be done by the end of next week at the absolute latest... i hope. school really eats up my evenings, but i need to just sort my life out and stop creating excuses.

okay, so here's Tuesday for this week, and hopefully i'll figure out a better schedule soon that will allow me to post more regularly.

Will Arnett... hilarious!
Bronner Brothers hair show
Good Hair... i've recently come into a new love for documentaries on hair and it's no secret that i've ALWAYS had a love for black people, so this absolutely had to make it onto my list,
fake punching the dog... he's HILARIOUS and gets REALLY verbal when i fake punch him.
Didi Conn
shredded lettuce
other cars with wiener dog stickers... yeah, we have a fabulous wiener dog sticker on our car and when i see other people with wiener stickers on THEIR cars? i get WILDLY excited and squeal and imagine i could be friends with those people. especially if they are inappropriate (ie... OURS says, "yes, i AM playing with my wiener" and it is HILARIOUS)
the way grass looks when a helicopter is ascending
pizza rolls
ice water
pop-up books
dental training heads
exposed brick walls
pedicures... i've only now officially had two, but they are UH-MAZE-ING!
parafin wax
cutting hair... it terrified me to begin with. if you had told me seven weeks ago that i would be wielding a pair of shears and altering a person's hair and that it would look amazing in the end? i would have laughed in your face. literally. i would have laughed one of those hearty, guffawing laughs right in your face. now though? i've done a lot of cuts, one or two on an actual alive person, and they've been pretty fabulous.
Janeyvisit... oh it was epic. epic and wonderful. there will most likely be a blog, so i don't want to spoil anything.
Space Needle
mexican food
green nail varnish
Morgan... she's in my class and i adore her. she's tiny, southern and so, SO funny. we work together a lot and really gel well, spurning one another on to do better. it's really nice to have that in class. i don't know what i'd do without her.
LaDonna... literally the best sister in the land! i love her more than most people could ever imagine ever loving their sibling.
collecting art
writing out Christmas cards
Allie's impending moving date
Panera Bread... primarily because she will be moving into OUR apartment complex. SHE WILL BE OUR NEIGHBOUR!! WE WILL DO SO MANY CRAFTS!!!
my new anatomy book... i found it for six dollars at a local bookstore and it's a huge book full of original colour prints of the anatomy and surgery plates from 1831 to 1854. it's beautiful and i could literally stare at it for forever. i adore it.
Half Price Books... the book store i purchased the above book at. it's a local store that blows my freaking mind every time i go into it. it's huge, cheap and full of really special, rare finds that make every trip worth the time and effort. also? their warehouse is in Seattle and they have a HUGE sale twice a year (one of which we went to in August) that gets rid of EVERYTHING for three dollars or less. MY MIND WAS BLOWN!
surprizingly amazing thrift stores... you know the ones you've driven past numerous times, dismissing them because they look like giant shitholes? yeah, we've got one of those by our house and we FINALLY went into it last week. EVERYTHING IN THE STORE WAS NINETY-NINE CENTS!! EVERYTHING! i nearly died.

right, time to figure out this other blog thing and snuggle the puppy. he's driving me CRAZY!

have a great day!


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