Saturday, 2 February 2013

February 2013...

things i love most RIGHT NOW:

  • Archer (season 4)
  • dark chocolate and coconut
  • my Nook and ALL THE BOOKS I HAVE ON IT!
  • having my head tattoo visible again
  • pecan maple syrup
  • The Following
things that are consuming my life right now:
  • learning every single thing i possibly can about styling hair... we are currently learning all aspects of styling in school (pincurls, air forming, curling irons, straightening, etc) and i literally want to do nothing in the world right now but read about styling and forming hair.
  • Full House... so, we got cable again and it's pretty much ruined my life. i've discovered that there's a channel that literally shows FOUR episodes of Full House every single weekday ever and i am now completely obsessed with watching every single episode in order. i went through this obsession whilst living in England with Friends as well. i wanted to see EVERY episode in order without exception. i did. and i'm pleased with my life choice. now, i'm stuck again... but it's much more wholesome and delightful.
  • sorting out my physical fitness... i've been making very small but also very tangible steps to losing weight. i've been eating MUCH healthier and exercising more than usual, working my way up to a healthier me. i've lost a total of eleven pounds and hopefully will keep shifting the weight for a while more. hopefully.
  • teaching Sebass to sit... he seems to be mentally incapable of learning this trick. we had ONE good night where we REALLY thought he had learned it and we were on the road to teaching the world's smartest dog. no. not even slightly. that night, our hopes were raised by consistent sitting and obeying commands and since then, the consistency and obedience has completely gone out the window and he's back to confirming that he is mentally retarded, even if only slightly and i am building masses of resentment about it now. i'm remaining persistent though and shall soldier through to hopefully teaching him how to properly sit. we'll see.
  • trying to pull myself together... i've been spending a lot of time recently helping other people put fires out in their lives and completely neglecting my own. i've been slowly falling apart and have no idea what to do about it. i've been helping people make huge decisions, sort out problems, listening and asking "how are you doing today, sweety" SO MUCH recently and haven't really noticed that i've been letting myself completely fall away. i guess i must have thought that if i just focused on everyone else that maybe my own problems would go away, but they haven't... they've just been getting worse, but not in the typical crazy-as-fuck-neurotic way. more in the i-could-fall-apart-at-any-moment way. i just want to weep constantly and hope that every time my mobile buzzes with a notification that it is someone actually giving a shit about how I'M feeling. no such luck yet. just more people wanting more from me. i'm tired and really trying to sort my head out a bit... i just don't know what i'm doing anymore.
i am also all about this photo:
i love it because it is pretty much the funniest photo i have ever taken. Muffin got this book because he's going to be dissecting a cat in his A&P class this quarter and i snagged it for photo time with the puppy.
last but not least... here's a quote.


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