Wednesday, 6 February 2013

tuesday (original, i know)

good GOD it's been a long day! school's been overwhelmingly busy but amazing. i'm exhausted, so i need  to get this out and go to sleepies. here!
arugula... PHWOAR! i can't get enough of arugula! i had some the other day covered in wholegrain mustard dressing. i nearly died.
salt and vinegar crisps
not being on Facebook for the time being...
Muffin and i are taking a break at the moment due to some personal issues going on in our life. it's been about five or six days now and it's been really actually quite nice. there's no constant distraction or need to incessantly check up with the meaningless updates and stuff. i mean, don't get me wrong, i've missed it, but it's really nice.
cherry cola
fresh copies
flat irons...
i'd literally never touched a pair of flat irons in my life prior to today. initially, i was a little horrified about using them, but i found myself really at home with them and did a lot of fabulous work on my mannequin today.
Full House
fruit punch
fine chocolates
losing weight...
Seven Psychopaths
angler fish
catching up with friends...
Sarah moved away a couple of months ago and i finally got to hace a proper chat with her last night to catch up on all the shit that's been going on since she's left. it was so great chatting with her. i've missed her so much.
Susan Sarandon
working with black hair...
i've decided that i pretty much don't want to do anything else if i can help it. i want to work with black hair pretty much constantly since this week. it's so much different and easier to work with!
Super Bowl adverts
french dip
sweet white wine

AAAAAND sleepytime, i am so tired i can't believe it. have an excellent week.


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