Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Hey, Tuesday...

It's almost not Tuesday, so I'd better get this bad boy out really quick.

my new teacher... she's fabulous, hilarious and really inspiring.
colouring books... I've literally reverted to a toddler and have rediscovered my love of colouring books and have invested in a few that have been keeping me really quite occupied.
rocking out in class... yeah, I'm kicking ass. Deal with it.
Glee is back
Ink Master
Simpsons Tapped Out
Face Off... the show AND the film.
colours named after food
Ben Mollin
crochety old men... seriously, they're hilarious and make me very happy. The other day Muffin and I were at Denny's where a large group of old men were sitting and out of nowhere, in the middle of our breakfast, we heard a shout from one of the more crotchety of them men, "fucking Jews!" HILARIOUS!
the fact that all the sassy black women I meet love me

the way a lamb's tongue sticks out when they bleet
sped-up footage of flowers blooming
bees... when pollen builds up on their legs it looks like they are wearing fluffy trousers!
Little Big Planet
changing someone's life with a single hairstyle
playing Tooth Fairy... during Molly's visit we got the lucky opportunity to play Tooth Fairy and it was so much fun to be in that position after all these years! I filled a little bag with glitter and a two-dollar-bill and was filled with panic the entire time I was planning and breaking into her room to do the swap. HOW DID MY MUM EVER DO THIS?!
Ocean Shores
crotchety old dogs
Cape Disappointment
90's on 9... GOSH I'll miss Sirius!
Jessica Alba
Universal Studios
NOT having fleas on our house... yeah, summer brought fleas into our old house. Luckily, we've moved and brought not a single one with us.
steel-cut oats
air conditioning... which is really only relevant to California.
fancy chocolates
Drunk History... GO WATCH IT NOW!
Amy Schumer
Richard Simmons
Robin Williams

Right, time for bed. I've got some hair to do in the morning.



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