Wednesday, 17 June 2009

i heart things and things TUESDAY!! the revival!

okay, i am starting this again as it seems the right time. i am in the process of getting myself better and in a way, one of the best ways to make yourself better is to focus on as many good things as possible. so here we go! weeeeeeeeeee!
  • i heart husband! he has been absolutely, unbelieveably the strongest, most consistent thing in my life since my most recent breakdown. he may not agree and may say that he has spent a lot of the time feeling very unsure of himself and like he is worthless (as i have had a nack for making him feel like this), but he REALLY has gone the extra mile to try as many different things as he can to make sure that i am getting through this. although sometimes he has tried things that have just not worked and made me arsey, i still have to credit him for trying and sticking with me whilst i have turned into satan. he is a fabulous creature and i could never, ever tell him i love him enough.
  • the fact that augusten burroughs emailed me!! i still cannot get over the fact that someone like him could have actually been willing to take the time to email me and not treat me like the scratty stuff he'd scrape off the bottom of his shoe. oh how exciting!
  • andrew jackson jihad! there is actually no better band in the world at the moment! they are the greatest, most fun, hysterical band ever. all their lyrics are incredible and i just absolutely love them.
  • starting new medication! i both heart and hate this. at the moment i heart it mostly because i feel positive about it. i feel like this may be the one that sticks and gets me onto the next stage of my treatment. i am on an anti-depressant that i used to be on in america and it worked a treat. alongside this, the doctor has given me some valium for my anxiety. this, i enjoy mostly because it is identified by most people as quite a 'crazy' medicine, so the fact that i am on it is delightful. i've only taken one and it worked alright, i guess. watch this space.
  • feeding our goldfish! it is mostly fun and exciting because they get themselves so worked up that i have to cackle at them. before i feed them they just sit there in a little huddle in the corner of the tank and STARE. they stare and shake their little fishy bums until they see me grab the food container which sends them wild and they fling themselves around the tank in a wild frenzy. post-feed they spend their time hunting through the rocks and sand to find the last, tiny morsels that will get them through the rest of the day.
  • 1000 awesome things!! which is pretty much the greatest website at the moment! it just goes over some of the most splendid things that make you feel all excited for knowing exactly what he is on about.
Honourable mentions!!

penpals, twix, my sister, my lists, coca cola, having a sick day, lying in bed, tidying, spore, random delightful documentaries on telly, stripey shirts, getting excited about another trip to london, getting emails from my niece, fast downloading speeds, roseanne, foreign films...


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