Tuesday, 11 August 2009

it's tuesday SOMEWHERE, right?

Now, to finish a previously started blog... this was typed up two days ago up until the line...

The weekend was made up of the most beautiful of weather. More beautiful than you could have imagined and still, I was not satisfied. This is because I HATE the sun and I hate hate HATE being hot. There is nothing in the entire world ever that I hate more than being hot. I would rather be cold any day.

So the weekend left me disastrously hot and wearing as little cloth as I could get away with. It was nice though… Saturday I got to cut the hairs of Challis (which I am still worried about, as I have not heard from her since she left my house. I suspect she has gone into deep hiding until her hairs have grown out a sufficient amount) and prance in town for a short period. I don’t know why I do it to myself, go into town on a Saturday, I LOATH town on a Saturday. It is always crawling with the slowest people in the entire world.

Although, Saturday DID bring me one joy, and that was THE CHILDREN.

It was like something out of a dream; I walked into Savers to get my tampons and got into the queue. Whilst waiting and listening to a little bit of soul music, I spied a child in a pushchair in front of me. It was a child of indeterminate sex and could be aged at approximately 6… I immediately let out a low, but definitely audible chortle. I know this due to the fact that everyone within a three-foot distance from me turned and scowled. I followed the child with my eyes as it absconded from the pushchair and pranced over to the deodorant section where two other children, one older and one younger (I could only assume this child was a female, given it was dressed in a skirt and pink frilly top). Again, I let out a chortle, this one much more noticeable and offensive.

This series of outbursts came due to the fact that each child had its own special version of a mullet… not only that, but each child was adorned completely in denim. My knee-jerk reaction was to take a photo. I pulled out my phone and attempted to shoot photos of said children as secretly as I could. Everything would have gone to plan too were it not for the woman in front of me’s meddling sweater sleeve! The instant I started taking photos of the three children in perfect form the woman began digging in her bag and shoving her elbow immediately into shot. I now have seven photos in my phone of that stupid woman’s elbow and the legs of three children.

Post-delight, I whisked myself away to Primark, which I walked out of almost as soon as I walked in. the thing about Primark is that there are two types of people that shop there… the scenesters that love a cheap, fun, sassy bargain and pikie shitheads. These pikie shitheads can be identified by the following…

* Masses of children. And when I say ‘masses,’ I mean more than three. And not only do they have a multitude of children, but each child will be screaming at a pitch higher than the last.
* Hair that is either completely wild or slicked back in such a way as to pull all the skin from the pikie shithead’s face into a permanently surprised look.
* At least one pair of gold-coloured earrings in hoops no smaller than three inches in diameter.
* They will be pushing a pram with at least one child in (typically with two more pulling on or hanging off of it at any given point)

This particular Saturday, Primark was full of the latter and therefore not meant to be my day to get a pair of black sequined leggings.

No sooner had I walked out of Primark did I get a text from Challis saying she was on her way in town so I pranced over to the fountain and rolled a fag. I then proceeded to chain smoke until her arrival. We then went to the market so’s I could get some special silver wool for the radio I am working on for Alastair. Once I had gotten my wool we were ready to go home.

home featured haircuts and dane cook... it was delightful...


wednesday morning, it's still tuesday in cheyenne, that'll do.

fings wot i heart?

  • film evenings with friends... i had a film evening last night that was fabulous. it is always nice to get together with friends and just hang out. i baked, we watched films and freshly-baked cookies were consumed in unbelievable amounts.
  • diet coke... despite my many vendettas against this beverage, i have gaineda lot of weight and need to shift it. that isn't going to happen when i am drinking like, four regular cokes a day. so i am all about the diet coke at the moment.
  • not actually doing work at work... i love it when i can be sneaky and do things that aren't work related at work.
  • getting praise for things i have done... who doesn't love a bit of love?
  • watching the departure of the drama trains... this, i find particularly fun. cheyenne used to be a regular stop for the drama train, so i was never at a loss for dramatic things going on (someone pregnant, someone deleting someone else on facebook, etc.). since i've been in england there has been a real downturn in the drama in my life. it's fun sometimes to just watch that train come in, crash and burn and pull the few cars it can forward to the next stop. i don't fuel it so much as just watch and get answers when i worry that someone i love is lying or being hurt, but still, it's fun.
  • watching music videos from my childhood.... omg yes! i went through my old youtube favourites and it was delightful. lots of selena and reba. yay!

and... done. mostly because i have workies to get ready for and a husband to cuddle.


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