Wednesday, 19 August 2009

it's NOT tuesday!

so... another week of being alive and another week of hearting... it has been a full-on week with lots of things getting done and lots of hearting going on, so i'll just get on with this thang...

  • beggars that try to bargain with you... so, true story, on my way home this afternoon a tramp came up to me and we acted out the following scenario...
OPEN SCENE: cut to a young woman, approximately 25, walking down a residential street. this woman is listening to her iPod and quietly singing to herself. it is later afternoon and there is nobody else on the street with her. she walks the length of the street obsessively checking her mobile phone to ensure she has had no texts from someone important... after the third or fourth glance at her mobile she looks up to find a very disheveled-looking man. this man looks to be in his late 50's and has a series of cuts and bruises on all visible parts of his skin. the man walks up to our leading lady displaying a large amount of change in his hand:

OLD MAN: Excuse me, do you have 30pence i can borrow?

LADY: Unfortunately not. i don't have any change at all on me.
OLD MAN: Okay... 20pence?
LADY: Really, i have absolutely no change on me...
OLD MAN: 10pence?
LADY: i have nothing, sorry.

the old man looks the lady up and down suspiciously and walks away.


  • fictional books that are set somewhere you know... i am currently reading a book that is set in derby. it's about a serial killer and all that jazz, but it is just so exciting to have the author talking about all the places i go on a regular basis... places he has mentioned so far are markeaton mark, the eagle centre, normanton, uttoxeter new road and darley park. yay!
  • the fact that i got ANOTHER email from augusten burroughs! yeah, that's right, he wrote me again. he wrote to apologize for not writing back sooner and saying that he is working on his list. yayz!
  • THE radio... so, after four days of painstaking work and learning to embroider, i have finished the radio for alastair's photocomic. i love this radio more than anything i have ever made. SO excited to show it to pow pow tomorrow. he will weep.

  • getting blood drawn... i don't know why, but i have always loved it... i love the waiting and the nervousness when you are sat in that chair whilst the nurse prepares the needles and then when you realize it doesn't hurt nearly as much as you thought it would.
  • popping my neck... particularly when lots of people are around to hear it and become suitably disgusted.
  • waiting to see what someone has planned for me... there were big plans for my day off monday. i baked, busted my bum to finished that radio and, obviously had the day off... this was mostly all in aid of spending the day working with ali and watching films... it had been planned for a period and as i had not heard anything from him, i assumed all things were go. i then got the text of doom on sunday evening saying that he could not do it and would make it up to me... said making up will be taking place tomorrow (friday) evening. watch this space.
  • the way wasps legs dangle when they are flying around.
  • the smell of lavender.
  • the fact that it is thursday.
  • spam.
  • how stable i feel now.
  • planning movie dates with people.
  • the fact that i will get to see jaacq AND alastair's new videos tuesday! yay!
  • ordering stationery.
  • going to meetings.
  • when my nails get really long.
  • when i dream about someone i haven't seen or heard from in a long while.
  • finishing a project.
  • discovering new music.
  • the history of prypiat, ukraine.


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