Tuesday, 26 April 2011


okay, i'm in the middle of cooking din dins and other junk, so i need to whip this one out fast. it's a slightly long list, given that i was absent last week, so please, have it and enjoy!

cats who's tongues stick out
the smell of lighter fluid
stephanie's honesty... she's one of the people in my life that will be entirely honest with me about everything, and i really appreciate it. she's a good person and i love having her as a friend.
REALLY high heels... which i can't wear, but i appreciate them completely. .
The What Shoppe
creamy lemon pepper chicken
jasmine rice
Grey Gardens... and seriously, if you've not seen the documentaries about it, please, PLEASE look into them. they're absurd, interesting and completely worth the watch!
goose pimples
fast food places that serve your meal on an actual plate
when people try to impress me with their crappy tattoos
sucking on a boiled sweet until it's completely gone... there's a strange sense of satisfaction that i get from sucking on a boiled sweet until it's gone... not chewing it or breaking it.
roast beef
corned beef
wet eyebrows
any establishment who's name is a variation of "rock'n'roll" (ie. Rack'n'Roll, Wok'n'Roll and Rent'n'Roll)
the way clouds cast shadows on mountains and meadows
tiny lizards
vintage Tom and Jerry
when big dogs fart really audibly
how well i can identify dead animals on the side of the road
how excited people get about my hairs
OMGENGAGED... please refer to my next blog, which WILL be posted tomorrow, to catch all the sorted details!
catching Muffin "researching"... he calls it "researching," but when i look, he's reading up on weddings, engagements and rings. it's absolutely adorable.
the way scrambled eggs jiggle
our camera
L-shaped couches
the smell of onions cooking
Sarah and Randy
Easy A


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