Tuesday, 21 June 2011

just a list, i'm distracted.

White Oleander... the simple beauty that this film is made of is one of the only reasons that i have been able to drag myself into watching it again today, for the first time in nearly ten years. it's a painful film for me. i read the book when i was sixteen and fell completely in love with it in between tears. i'm not completely sure where the tears came from, but a large part of them were born from my own rather painful upbringing... reminders of my mum and her erratic behaviours that thrust me into a position of adulthood long before it was called for. watching it again today, although i'm only eight minutes into it, is taking me back to my youth, days i had packed away long ago to make room in my life for more beautiful memories... sometimes, though, it's necessary to got through those boxes, just to remember where you came from.
animals on talent shows... there's very little i find more delightful than when i'm watching any of the gazillion talent shows on telly and having someone step in front of any assortment of judges with a dog or a cat or a monkey who has a special and adorable talent. i always, without fail, get giddy and squealy when a poodle pushes some billiard balls to a corner pocket or when a persian prances on it's hind legs to a jazzy showtune.
chocolate milk
sweet potato fries
nutrias... because who doesn't love giant rodents?!
NOT having hives... last week i nearly died. no word of a lie, i actually almost died. my head had started itching in the early afternoon last wednesday... by the time i had gone to bed my entire body was itchy. i didn't actually fall asleep until around three and then woke again within twenty minutes completely certain i was going to die. i decided there was no point in staying in bed and when i stepped into the light of the dining room i found the whole of my body covered in hives. every single inch of me had hives on it. when Muffin finally got up for work he found he sitting at the computer cranky, weepy and scratching. i lept into a hot bath filled with baking soda as he left for work only to return ten minutes later with some benadryl. once i emerged from the bath i laid on the sofa and pretty much died. i slept literally the rest of the day. since then, i am terrified of any tiny itch that i have, for fear that i might break out again. my very first experience of hived was far too dramatic for me to have to experience again.
sea lions
when an actor's character's name in a film is the same as theirs
how taut the skin is over a bruise
making Muffin smile on Father's Day
ferris wheels
digging in other people's coat pockets
rotary phones
the sound effects on Scrubs
Jack from Will and Grace
the sound of air raid sirens
the 1812 Overture 


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