Tuesday, 28 June 2011

tuesday... glass case of emotion

again, it's tuesday... i've been traveling between ill and emo and womby and glee, but a list has been compiled and i'm rather pleased with it. it's been a full week featuring tons of activities and TONS of wedding stuff.

also, Muffin titled this, so blame that on him!

dead animals
presidential addresses... despite how much i love being British, there is nothing i enjoy more than when Mr Obama does an address. i love him so much. he's a wonderful and adorable man and his words really, honestly do offer a huge amount of pride for being American.
when the boys do the scheming on I Love Lucy... those are ALWAYS my favourite episodes, always, without fail.
videos of eye surgery
Korean history... because to be honest, i had no real grip on the history of Korea or the Korean war or anything until i watched an incredible documentary on it last week. mostly, though, i just find that more than anything, watching documentaries about war-torn and dangerous places makes me want to visit them even more.
the way children stomp... and they do. all the time. they get so excited and prancy and i adore that they feel the need to stomp around everywhere they go.
the small of Muffin's back
the Straight Talk macho man advert
Blues Traveler
the way Muffin likes sushi now... this boy, he HATES trying new things, so when i got here with an extreme love for sushi, he felt obligated to at least try it. it's been a slow process, but he's slowly working the flavour into his palate and enjoying it much more often. i like when people expand their food horizons and watching this culinary toddler grow into a man is just wonderfully magical.
the Dreamworks opening
Nick Swardson
my dress... which is magical, btw. i know that i've not posted about it, but i promise i will do, very shortly.
watching Muffin skate
Roy Orbison
hospital food
the sound a lightbulb makes when it dies
being a zombie... it was SUCH a random email that i received last Saturday night... one of the people doing photos at our wedding (who is ALSO a photographer for the Military Times Newspaper) got in touch early in the day to ask us if we might enjoy participating in a photoshoot about the zombie apocalypse. like, DUH! so we went and got some extra makeup and Sunday evening i painted my face only JUST prior to leaving for the docks of Tacoma where we, the zombie horde,  attempted to overrun the American Military. it was an amazing night of groaning and snarling i loved it!
my wedding shoes... and oh, but i glitter the HELL out of one of my favourite pairs of shoes and they look like perhaps i stole them from Dorothy. they're my new favourite things in the world.
my garden... which finally let loose with it's VERY FIRST bloom the other day!! Sunday morning i walked to the porch to find a big, fat, beautiful, yellow lily eyeballing me!
old ferris wheels
blowing raspberries on Muffin's hip... because the sound? it's magical.
Muffin in uniform... PHWOAR!
stage blood
washing my face at night
liquid latex
seagull caws
cesar's pizza
Christina Applegate
doing zombie makeup
wraught iron
Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition
the difference in people's faces when they've lost a lot of weight


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