Tuesday, 2 October 2012

snotty Tuesday.

oh MY! the McBlowme household is ill and full of boogers and phlegm! it has been SUCH a WONDERFUL week. I was patient zero, as far as I can tell... Last Thursday i started feeling like I was going to die and have since spread my illness to Muffin (who i REFUSE to feel bad for because EVERY time he came in for a kiss I warned him that I was ill and that he would get ill to, to which he would ALWAYS say that he loved kissing me and didn't care. he's ill now.), three of my classmates and possibly one of the teachers.

anyways, everyone i know is rather ill and it's been a fun time.

i've been in the middle of writing a blog about school for a while, there's just SO MUCH information. it's been SUCH a fun-filled and informative several days. i promise i'll have it finished in the next day or two and you will be pleased, i'm sure of it.

so, school's out for the night, my belly's full and it's time for my Tuesday before i go to beddy-bye.


the growl of an old muscle car
getting an extra chicken tender... there is little that excites me more than when i open my box of five tenders to find six. YAY!
diet cola
New Girl
school... i don't want to give too much away, but it's so much fun and i'm really enjoying learning again.
my teacher... she is literally the most fun, scatter-brained, hilarious person ever. i love her.
tiny hats
chicken tenders
squish-face cats
when my bus is on time... special panic attack for every late minute
Go On... i randomly found it on Hulu and decided that i like Chandler, so i watched it. it's FUCKING hilarious! there's a boat load of amazing actors in it and the premise of it is so different and fun.
water slides
roasted broccoli... Oh. MY. GOD.
raspberry jam
Hotel Transylvania.... it was a double date Muffin, me and my new friend and her beau. we'd been wanting to see it since we first saw a trailer for it months ago. it's SUCH a great film, mostly because of the animation, but also for the really fun, original and entertaining songs that Adam Sandler does in it. go see it, it's awesome.
blood oranges
planning tattoos... Janeyface is coming in three weeks (AND NOT A MOMENT SOONER) and our local tattooist has opened up his shop to me and Janey for us to use his equipment. i can't WAIT to have more original Janey artwork on me! YAY!
Janey... she literally arrives in twenty days. i CAN'T. FUCKING. WAIT.
ice water
costumes... particularly animal costumes.
original art prints
painting puppy's nails... he hates it SO. MUCH. i have to attack him whilst he's sleeping and and do one nail at a time... it takes forever but it's totally worth it.
hair... i have a completely new-found respect for hair. since we've been studying Trichology i've learned a HUGE amount about these tiny little things that we have all over our bodies. they really are incredible and i am sure you can expect a nerdy hair blog in the near future because i am literally THAT impressed and fascinated by it.
eighties documentaries
rainbow titanium... ALL of my haircutting equipment will be the best haircutting equipment of all time.
hot pink lipstick
Adam Sandler
poppyseed muffins
flaunting my puppy at everyone

right, it's time for me to finish this show and go to bed. i really need to get onto a better sleeping schedule. soon enough, i presume.

have a fabulous day all!!



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