Tuesday, 2 February 2010

fings... i heart them...

just a list... i am sleepy and need to sleep...

  • JUST-cleaned glasses... the instant after i've cleaned them and i put them back on my face, the clarity with which i can see, that's my favourite!
  • my ash-beast... very, VERY rarely am i at a loss for words... very rarely do i find myself unable to string sentences together in such a way as to express my general excitement, glee and SQUEE for the events in my life... until today. today i pranced down my stairs just before seven in the a.m. after a knock on the door. i had been awaiting the delivery of a special parcel from my favourite beast in america after she had warned me it was on it's way thirteen days ago. i opened the door and saw the handwriting that is ever-so familiar to me and i squee'd then slammed the door. the parcel and i pranced up the stairs and we perched in front of my desk. i opened the parcel to damask wonderful and a little bottle. in the bottle was a rolled-up letter that i unrolled and immediately smelled (it's one of my problems). the letter... heh... the letter caused instant-weep. essentially, my favourite american beast is getting married... she is getting married and we have been all but killing ourselves with the excitement. i was particularly excited to find out that i will be BACK before her wedding and will be allowed to stand up with her. this went a little deeper when i read her letter and found that she wants me... danie... to be her maid of honour. (!!) i honestly cannot believe it. like, literally... it's the last thing i was expecting. i was certain that since i had been away that i would be lucky to be allowed to sit within three rows of the front aisle. there are no words to describe how much this means to me... how amazingly fabulous this makes me feel... how much more freaking excited i am! my newest mission? to find THE dress! 
  • the puffin tattoo
  • noah and the whale
  • chris tree
  • david culleton
  • chewing on honeycomb
  • sugar cane
  • my star jumper
  • multi-coloured wool
  • hot pink
  • ASDA dates
  • tidying
  • the scent of pink grapefruit
  • justin smith esq... this man is ACTUALLY my soul mate! gold tooth? check! handlebar moustache? check! tattoos? check! HUGE nose? CHECK! he is also an accomplished baker, practices taxidermy and a fashion designer. unfortunately for me, he is also a homosexual... a homosexual i will be meeting on the twentieth! SQUEE!
  • the smell of insecticide
  • long emails
  • bubble letters
  • feeling needed
  • friendly old men
  • when people take an interest in my tattoos
  • when people refer to me as 'trouble'
  • 'slither'
  • writing/drawing on oranges
  • when the muffin emails me
  • ASDA prices
  • when people suggest films to me
  • the fact that stacey has started counting down now
  • 31 days!!!
  • numbers and how well i can remember them
  • remembering things about my mum
  • access databases
  • long chats with pow pow
  • being watched (not in a creepy way)
  • highlighters
  • the smell of dry-erase markers
  • wasabi
  • saline drips
  • dusting
  • mopping on my hands and knees
  • hoovering
  • hot pink lipstick
  • costume jewelery
  • pow pow paintings
  • radishes
  • apt horoscopes... (today, for example, my horoscope read as follows: 'when you love you love completely. you'd do anything for those close to  you, so to feel let down in this manner is somewhat of a shock. revelations made after 3pm give you back your faith' - of note, at half four, pow pow sent me a text saying he would come round later this week for phototime with the pig's mandible. yay!)
  • corned beef
  • the boys at the tattoo parlour
  • the 'pigface' date of mine and pow pow's
  • photos that capture shadows well
  • my ability to touch-type
  • red squirrels
the end! yay!


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