Tuesday, 28 September 2010

tuesday... yeah, tuesday

so, i'm sat here alone on a tuesday afternoon... i'm still in cheyenne and have been the sickest person ever in the world for the last four days. today, i have not yet attempted to eat and do not plan to until my stomach stages a formal statement outlining how it will NOT sick-up everything i give it within twenty minutes of receipt.

it's cold today... at least it is for me. i imagine it is stunning outside but my head is still banging (but not in the fun partytime way, more in a really miserable, i want to die way) and despite the fact that i need milk and other misc items, i can't be bothered to walk the two blocks to the bus stop to catch it to wal-mart. i just want to writhe and die. and write a list.


old photos and postcards
finding long-forgotten things in my wallet
spending time with LaDonna
hearing a song i've not heard in ages
creamy cocktails
glittery nailpolish
bonding with my nephew over Napoleon Dynamite and The Hangover quotes
time to think
excellent ties
Professor Layton
silicone bakeware
being in Cheyenne with Muffin again
sex outdoors
old photos of my mum
processing emotions in a healthy way
cupcake cookbooks
NOT feeling ill
meeting people after pen-palling
people who are interested in me
my accent
red beer
Eric Beeman
pregnant bellies
Halloween parties
Anna Beeman
time away from the internet
vintage skirts
estate sales
chewing gum
really hot baths
shredding confidential papers
working on my CV
going through my mum's old things
watching films with my sister
tiny wild rabbits
homemade preserves
having new crochet challenges
long car journeys
lazy days
lemon and white chocolate bread

eh, i WAS going to do epic blurbs but recent shitty events have made me decide i can't be bothered. it's an alright list. have an alright day, better than mine, maybe.



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