Tuesday, 19 August 2008

i heart things and things tuesday!! hooray!

well, i think today i will just start and see where i go. i am feeling quite queer in the belly and not completely sure of what is up or down, so... well... we shall see..

  • Mr Powers... there are so many creatures in my life that i love more than other things, but this is the one creature that, no matter what bad decisions he makes, i just want to always make happy. everything about him is incredibly beautiful. a lot like me, he goes through a great deal of peaks and troughs when it comes to his depression and general existence, but that never ever stops him from creating amazing music and other miscellaneous art. oftentimes, i know that i can trust him to just lead a life of splendid, but every so often he flies off the rails and i immediately fall into mum mode and feel the desperate need to sweep in and fix things for him. he showed up at a gig this weekend and was a complete train wreck. i just wanted to cuddle him and make him tell me who was upsetting him so i could make it all better, but that was not the time or the place. so i called him after the gig... after someone accused him of stealing things and hit him in the face. i called him and told him that i was going to make it better. i was going to come to his house the next day after work and just spend time with him. when he and i are alone we have some of the most amazing talks ever. we have a huge amount in common because of our depression, so i went over last night and just sat with him. i made cups of tea and did his washing up and made him sing to me. and he obliged. he sang all of my favourite songs, even though he hates singing some of them. ali is just incredible on so many levels and all i want to do is make sure he is constantly happy. we hugged a lot last night. he cried, i wanted to. i just... fuck's sake. he just needs to be happy. so i am helping him fix his CV and find a job. that is what he needs. i heart mr powers more than most other creatures...
  • naked singers... at the above-mentioned gig there were a couple of guys who got on stage... not just random guys, mind, they were actually a booked act for the gig. well, they got on, sang a song and i was not hugely excited about them... i was wanting to figure out alastair and all his big time troubles... until hannah pointed out that they had completely stripped all their clothes off. it was then that i tuned in and realised that they were INCREDIBLY hysterical! literally, i almost died. the nudist on the right decided to have a wee on 'guy-sitting-down-with-flat-cap-on' then had a sausage thrown at him that he put up his bum. it wasn't just their juvenile antics that delighted me though, they were really talented. the lead singer had a fabulous voice and their lyrics were totally amazing. as a lyric hussy, it is necessary for any band that i appreciate to be able to weave a beautiful web of words. they did this with flying colours!
  • when i see what i will be like as a mum... as soon as i had first seen her, i thought, 'man, she looks bitchin' i hope i am like that when i am a mum.' and she REALLY was. she ended up being the mum of the boy who likes to wee on people's heads and was just amazing. she danced and pranced around and talked to everyone and was just overall an astoundingly beautiful lady. by the end of the night she was outrageously drunk and got on stage for the running around 'mosh' fest that was occurring between all the youngsters at the gig. the best bit ever... and i will never forget this for the rest of my life, happened JUST after i took this photo, when she decided to display just how much she was like her son and pulled her trousers and pants off to show us all her minge. it was literally the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life. it really did make me realise what a loose cannon i am going to be as a mum. before we left i was compelled to run over to her (fully clothed) and give her a cuddle and tell her i thought she was amazing.

  • my desk at work!! i am slowly making it my own and it is all really much easier when i have a big fat bay window right behind me... i heart my desk and the fact that the photos are slowly building up. (along with my squishy tomato and wee zen garden husband bought me)
other things i heart?
my ipod, my camera, the goldfishes, nintendogs, my lists, husband, husband kisses, maple syrup and pancakes, crochetting, toothpaste that DOESN'T taste like death covered in baking soda, getting parcels from my sister (especially when i see her handwriting on the box), dressing up, my hair, chevy, the fact that jane and theo are coming to visit soon!!, excel spreadsheets, reading mental health files i am not really meant to, hollyoaks, lee, potterton...


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