Monday, 11 August 2008

you + me = perfect

What's his name?
christopher john butcher

How long did you date? um... well, we met seven years ago, started talking on the phone five years ago and i am going to say that that is most likely when we started 'dating' as it were. and by dating, i mean 5 hour long phone-dates where we ate dinner together and talked about life and junk.

How old is he? twenty-five.

Who eats more? most definitely him. he tends to eat all of his and then anything i don't finish.

Who said "I love you" first? him. he was drunk and said... 'if i was there, i would hold you and tell you how i can't live without you and how much i love you.' just to be sure i lured him into another trap the following night, as you can never be sure of what a drunk boy says.

Who is taller? please see above.

Who sings better? i am going to have to say me... mostly because i CAN sing quite well and have had training. he likes to fluctuate a lot, which makes my ears want to fall off.

Who is smarter? he is actually the smartest person in the world. he knows everything there is to know about everything.

Who does the laundry? we both do, but i like for me to do it because i use the perfect balance of detergent and fabric softener.

Who does the dishes? me. we made an agreement that i would always do kitchen-related tidying if he did all pig-related things.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? moi.

Who pays the bills? we usually share them as equally as possible.

Who mows the lawn? me.

Who cooks dinner? usually him, but i am trying.

Who drives when you are together? last night hannah did, sometimes lester, usually some sort of a pakistani.

Who is more stubborn? most definitely me, yo.

Who kissed who first? him. the day we met we went back to his sister's to deposit my bags and then went for a walk to the pub. on the walk he stopped me and asked me if it would be alright if he kissed me.

Who asked whom out first? we never really did the conventional 'asking out' thing. we just did it.

Who proposed? again, we never actually did the conventional proposal thing. we both decided it would be the best and easiest thing to do when we did as we knew we were going to get married anyways.

Who is more sensitive? oh my lord jesus i am.

Who has more friends? we both really have the same friends. i guess i could go so far as to say i have a few more, as i have worked several jobs that have given me more opportunities, but otherwise, we are equal.

Who has more siblings? me.

Who wears the pants in the family? he likes to think he does and i guess in some ways, he does... but i like to think that we both do.


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