Tuesday, 12 August 2008

i heart things and things tuesday!

oh my oh my! not SUCH a huge week worth of hearting things, but i have a few for you...

  • I WORK IN AN ASYLUM!! yeah! i do and you don't! i started my new job yesterday at the local asylum and it is just literally the most perfect place ever. it is like, when you see an asylum in the movies with the long, dark corridors and vast grounds for the patients to walk around in, that is where i work!! i had my interview just when i got back from america in april and finally got to start and it is just lovely. i work with all the best people in the world and get to spend my days in an office with a giant bay window and a wrap-around desk all to myself. it is incredibly sad though, because they are tearing all the old buildings down to pave the way for some newer, more 'user friendly' wards and offices... which generally translates to the fact that they are taking away all my foliage friends and creating a more impersonal and frightening place for all the patients to have to live. it is sad firstly because some of the patients have lived there for like, twenty years and they are having their homes ripped down to be replaced by some giant grey buildings. secondly, the old buildings are just so beautiful. i will take some photos so you can see how amazing it is, but mygod. it is just like being in 'girl, interrupted' or 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest' when i am at work.
  • Rik Mayall. i literally cannot get enough of him at the moment. i am reading his book currently and it is just the funniest thing i have ever read in my entire life. i have been reading a lot about him lately and watching a few of his films and i just cannot imagine a better person to just sit and hang out with. he is so hysterical.
  • the dark night OMG!!! i went and saw it last night and OMG OMG OMG!!! like, christian bale was the biggest disappointment ever in the world, as i could not understand a single word his put-on voice was saying, but for fuck's sake heath was ALMOST as good as jack nicholson. the entire film just made me squeal with gleee and if you are not keen on spoilers, do not highlight the following writing! for god's sake how hysterical was it when denton's face lit on fire? literally, one of the only bits where i burst out laughing (which i seem to love to do when it comes to films and laughing inappropriately. it also seemed that the film tried to just have far too many twists and OMG how horrible was the 'love interest' in the film? i am quite delighted she died. just too much went on and how long did the film last?! like three hundred years?! i really suggest you go see it if you want to have a brilliant night out at the cinema. it is totally worth it!
i am sure there are misc, but i just cannae be bothered to type them out. it is time for hollyoaks!!


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