Monday, 8 September 2008

the universe seems to like lying

The only person you really have to make happy, Danie, is you.

Good thing you're so cool -
The Universe

yeah, what a load of fucking bollocks that is. how cool can someone be if they don't know how to fix relationships or make someone happy?

i don't have any idea what i am doing now. no idea... i feel like some sort of horrible vessel that has been left alone at sea, bobbing and alone to fend for itself whilst the salt of the sea (my tears) destroy the strength that this vessel used to hold.

sound like a load of emo bollocks? yeah, it fucking is but i don't know how else to display it other than to spew emo bullshit. i feel like all the cliche things that emo people are made of... i want to just sit and cry and look at old photos and mostly just fall apart.

eh. the one fucking thing in my life i was hoping would remain consistent has fucked me off today. the one fucking day i really needed it. cheers for that sol! i appreciate what a support you have been in my time of need when i was so fricking rock-solid in yours.

what is the point?


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