Tuesday, 9 September 2008

no, i really did invent green... PLUS i heart things and things tuesday!

so... i am feeling mucho better today. i really needed a swim, i reckon. it really clears my head.
had an amazing swim today. we got in an immediately started doing laps. usually we fanny about loads and i kick him and then we mince around, doing laps here and there... today though, it was teh hardcore! i felt really up for it and my body just said 'goin2swimznowkthnkxbi!'

it was so lovely and i feel amazing as a result.

work is still made of fail. i joined the 'disability league' which is kinda like the 'justice league' but for people that are disabled in some way. they are taking advantage of me and the fact that my mind is fucked-up. the other people in the group are all 'physically challenged' in one way or another, and they felt that they could benefit from having someone with a mental disability in the group. i guess what they weren't expecting was the most odd case of crazy that they could get. i pranced into the room with my uber crew cut and tattoos and blew them all away with how bitchin' i am and how excited i am about working despite my 'illness.' they seemed to all enjoy complaining and saying that people harass them and that they should have more sick pay and i was all like, 'oh hai! i has an amazing work ethic and heart rising above my mental issues to prove that we are not all martyrs for our illnesses.' they were shocked and excited. we will see what happens now.

i guess that is really all i NEED to talk about at the moment. i am about to go watch a show about people who share their breastmilk with friends... hooray!

things i heart? a list!
  • Molly Coddle Soap - i hold a special place in my heart for it and the fact that a parcel arrived at my door today full of food-shaped soaps!
  • love songs! i have been in love with love songs the last couple of days... none in particular, just all of them.
  • daren king - who is an incredible author and who's books graced my post box this morning.
  • making people smile with small gestures.
  • laughing
  • walking in the rain
  • cuddling into a warm duvet
eh... that is all for now. breastmilk time!!


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