Wednesday, 22 July 2009

the abc's of hearting

i really need to focus on more positive things lately, so here we go with some massive hearting fun...

A - andrew jackson jihad... a band i cannot get enough of at the moment. if you haven't freaking heard them, for the love of god, go and listen to them right this fucking instant.

B - baking... great crap there is nothing i love more than creating the perfect baked good. i love it... all the flavours and variations and fun you can have baking and, my favourite part, watching people eat them. i derive an indescribable amount of joy from watching people eat my baked goods.

C - crocheting... most likely one of the things i enjoy doing only slightly more than baking. lately i have been on a mission to crochet some incredible artifacts for people that have stunned and delighted many. i can only get better from here, i hope.

D - dying my hairs... ever since i was given permission from a young age to do it i have been completely in love with all the aspects of dying my hair. from picking out the perfect colour to having people comment on how fabulous it looks, i love every bit of it.

E - eggs... i could eat them anytime all the time. they are so unbelievably tasty.

F - finding things... i love it when i am tidying and suddenly come across something that i forgot i have. it could be something as simple as a letter i started writing last year or a photo, but it really makes my day. it always seems that i find things that are apt for that particular moment to... like i find a picture my neice drew for me on a day when i realise i need to write her back.

G - gala darling... reading her site really inspires me and makes me feel incredibly uplifted. she always has such fabulously sparkly words to say and they seem to always be just what i need to read.

H - husband... especially lately, i have been realising how important he is... at the moment i can't help but feel useless and like i don't deserve any love but i have been given the most special gift of all, which is husband. he is the most special creature in the world. he has put up with so much shit from me and really stood by me through everything that i have put him through. i love him so much and that unconditional love is what i need at the moment.

I - ice... i LOVE ice in my drinks. the last couple of weeks have featured many a tall glass of water or soda filled with ice. for some reason, a glass of cola tastes like 2,239% better with slightly melted ice in it.

J - just sitting around... oh my do i loves me a bit of just sitting around time. i love to just relax and have nothing to do and nobody to harass me.

K - kisses... despite being horrifically independent at the moment, i do occasionally adore the random kiss from my husband-face. he gives the best face-kisses in the world.

L - lists... my lists are horribly important to me and i love them ever-so-much. i am awaiting a large amount of lists from places around the world, which will make my days.

M - makeup... i adore makeup... particularly eyeshadow. i love getting every colour i can and experimenting with it in as many ways as i can. it is so much fun and can create some beautiful end-results.

N - new shoes... i love it when i get a new pair of shoes that i have been lusting after for a while. i love putting them on and prancing around the house in them for a while and then going out of the house and getting comments on them (as i obviously only ever get the most fabulous shoes)

O - odd surnames... a short list of my favourite surnames (of people i know) is as follows:
  • fenstermacker
  • beeman
  • scharff
  • hislop
  • mcnaboe
P - photographs... lately photos have been really important to me. i have been glancing through my photo albums almost constantly to remind me that i am not alone and that i have all of these fabulous memories that i can hold on to to get me through the shit storm i am sailing through at the moment.

Q - quirky trinkets... our house is full of them. i could never list them all but they are ever-so-much fun. i seem to have a special sixth sense that helps me to spy really strange, fun and delightful things that i can place in selected spots all over our house. i LOVE them.

R - rain... the last few days particularly, have been offering us rain in massive abundance and i am so pleased with it. i love to leave the windows open all over the house and just listen to it. it is so relaxing and omg does it create beautiful ripples in puddles whilst i am waiting for my ride to work in the mornings.

S - shrimps... i love them mostly as pets. they are the most amazing creatures to watch. i could literally sit and watch them all day long. a special mention should be made for the fact that i do enjoy eating them as well.

T - taxidermy... i don't know why, but there is just something special about dead animals that have been mounted in place for the rest of the world to see. i am obsessed with it and am trying to learn how to do this on my own so i don't have to pay the soul-destroying prices that commercial establishments want for it.

U - ugly dogs... oh my sweet mother of god i love ugly dogs. they are just the most stupendous, lovely, sweet creatures in the world. i have always found myself more drawn to ugly dogs over any other fluffy, tiny, button-nosed canine. i think they are special to me for the sole fact that they are not always the ones chosen first by other people, so i will take them and love them... they tend to have more character than any other dog anyways.

V - videos that remind me of my childhood.... i love it when i see a video online or in a shop that reminds me of the days from my childhood. especially of late, i have been on a desperate search for as many things from my childhood as possible. i think a lot of this is rooted in the fact that when i moved to england, i had to get rid of all of the books, videos and toys that i had been collecting for, well, my whole life. i suddenly have realised how many things i miss and want them all to be a part of my life again, so i am making it so. i went on a spree a couple of months ago and bought loads of videos (the brave little toaster, all dogs go to heaven, mi vida loca, rockadoodle, roseanne, clarissa explains it all and full house) and have been on the hunt for others (bebe's kids, high strung and the rest of full house). i suspect this will be a never-ending, but fabulous job. everything has such an individual, special memory for me.

W - windy days... i adore the days when i have to wear a jacket and get carried along by the wind. perhaps i love these days especially because they remind me of cheyenne. the ever-so-glorious wind that made wyoming what it was. i LOVE it when the wind is just right and means i am not too hot or cold. but even if it isn't perfect, it still has that magical quality to make you feel like you could be picked up at any moment and carried away, which i find to be very ec

X - xylophones... i have a particular soft spot for mine as it is perfect and small and beautiful, but i love all of them. it dates back to the days in elementary school when we would go to music class and one very lucky student was given those magical wooden wands to play the xylohone. i was very rarely that lucky student, but now i am that student every day!

Y - yarn... i adore all things yarn. i collect it like a crazy old woman. most of the yarn i have has been sitting in my bedroom, on a shelf, doing nothing for several years but i can't stop the compulsion to buy a fabulous colour or texture just in case if i see it on sale in a shop. it is a horrible sickness that drives husband absolutely insane. i typically have an idea for it when i buy it but tend to completely forget it when i actually get around to finding it again.

Z - zombies... OMG! i heart zombies like woah! i am totally in love with everything about them. i consume as much as possible about them as i find it interesting to see all the different ways that people approach them in film, book and photo. there are so many variations and approaches that i could just... well... i don't know. they are just so fun and interesting and offer so much variety.


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