Tuesday, 2 March 2010

tuesdays are made...

This last week has been gloriously blissful… it seems like my life becomes more wonderful with every passing week, like I have someone out there in the cosmic unknown watching out for me and finally repaying me for all the stuff that I have done and been through in my life. 
Then I come back to earth and remember that all the magic that I have in my life has come as a result of all the hard work I have done to make that magic… it’s like I’m an actual magician… pulling one trick after another out of the bag. 
Let’s move on to the best bit, hey? I have a busy day ahead of me and really should get this show on the road…
·      the following conversation… which was had between my colleague and I this morning (my colleague is a tiny, forty-something woman who always has the most sassy, wonderful things to say and has been ever-so patient with my out of control bursts of talking about the muffin, pow pow, my divorce and Johnny):
Al: Is that ALL?! (**sarcasm**)
Me: OMGYES! I am going to be hysterical this time next week... I’m sorry in advance for how out of control I am going to be Al. 
Al: Well, I’m sorry in advance in case I hit you. 

·      the costume… which I am not at liberty to share MANY photos of, but I have (as you can see) shared one… a very tiny teaser. I am outrageously proud of this costume. I went into this particular project with no forward knowledge of how to scale up a pattern, how to cut a pattern or even where to start with putting one together, so to think that I have come so far with it today, three weeks after starting it, makes me feel incredible. The costume remains in a constant state of hung next to my bed… I stare at it as I fall asleep, I stare at it when I am on the phone to the muffin, I stare at it when I am on the phone with Pow… I stare at it constantly… I love the costume and I can’t actually believe that I have created something so stupendously perfect. I think my absolute favourite thing about it are the immense levels of happiness that I see on Pow’s face when I show it to him with slightly more finished on it.  His little (giant) face lights up like Christmas and I love that I can bring that much joy into someone’s life. 
·      Johnny dates with Pow… these are quite possibly my favourite kind of date in the world at the moment. I love sitting down with him and talking about all things Johnny-related. I love planning things and drawing things and generally feeling like I am a part of something so wonderfully special. 
·      Good GOD ten days… oh yes, today officially marks ten days until the arrival of the muffin. Ten days until I get to see the love of my life again for the first time in eight years… ten days until I get to see how real this all actually is. This time next week, it’ll be THREE days! SQUEE!
·      The ‘bulimia banter’ janey and I have… this is particularly a favourite because it just offers hours of fun. It all started back when I lost all the weight when chris and I first split… there was an individual who was concerned I was bulimic and was genuinely concerned for my health… this branched into janey pretending I was bulimic in public every time she saw me because I had lost more weight with every visit. This has now reached a full-blown out of control status with the banter we have on facebook… I returned home from my last trip to London with the following posted on my wall…

Danie, i love you very much, and i love having you stay, but i think its time we addressed your current situation; i found lots bags in your room left behind from where you stayed this weekend. bags of sick in the wardrobe. did you think i wouldn't find them? and all that food you bought while we were out. all wrapped up... and stuffed under the bed. did you think i wouldn't notice?
like i wouldn't notice how much more weight you've lost, and how you always go to 'powder your nose' after every meal, and return smelling of toothpaste and mouthwash.
i HAVE noticed and i'm worried.
i love you so much and can't stand you wasting away in front of my eyes.
i'm always here, and i'll always help you, but its breaking my heart when you do this.

To which I replied…

you know what jane?! it is just SO like you to feel like it's appropriate to bring this bullshit up like this in such a public place? where do you fucking get off thinking it's appropriate do smear my name like this in front of all my friends? so, i have a problem, i eat a little less than other people do... i sick up more often than some... my body my choice!

her rebuttal…

argh! thats your answer to freaking everything: 'my body my choice!'
danie stop being bulimic, don't get the vagina tattooed on your head, don't lie on the floor... all thrown back in my ever loving face!

My response…

oh THAT'S RICH coming from you, jane i-like-to-piss-myself-in-the-middle-of-the-train-station hallam. fuck off with your 'caring' if that's what you can call it. i'm not interested. if you loved me you'd love me for everything that i am, not DESPITE my problems. i need a friend jane, not a counsellor.

And finally, from her…

at least i learn from my mistakes, and try and help others! and it wasn't piss- it was very liquid feashus from my tummy bug!

i love janey more than most things and people!

·      The way people smile to themselves when they receive a lovely text
·      A pair of massive tits in a tight top
·      Watching clouds move
·      Hot chocolate
·      My special black, shiny M&S shoes with the ribbons
·      Lee Lee dates
·      Really extravagant and elaborate coving
·      The teeth alastair’s making for Johnny
·      My penmanship
·      ‘Rehab’ by Amy Winehouse
·      The fact that Pow knows to stop changing channels when he sees Alan Carr on telly
·      Finding an excellent bargain
·      Hannah Zair cuddles
·      LOTS of glitter
·      Nick Parker
·      Robert Z’Dar
·      The silhouette of a tree that’s lost all of it’s leaves
·      Saline drips
·      Getting away with being naughty
·      Yankee candles
·      Long emails from the muffin
·      Having neon blue hair
·      Love songs
·      Rubbing soft things on my face
·      Good posture
·      Lee’s tartan jacket
·      Sassy haircuts
·      Cranberries
·      Dim Sum
·      Su Mai
·      The greasy spoon date with Pow (and the fact that he KNEW I’d want to take the little order number slip for my book
·      Shopping for Johnny stuff with Pow
·      Bacon
·      How excited about stuff Stacey gets
·      Bright, contrasting colours
·      Wearing a ring in my lip (as compared to a stud)
·      Fizzy water
·      Chewing on plastic
·      How much Ali’s dad likes to talk
·      Dane’s dogtags
·      My cleavage
·      The 80’s night at Bar One where I sat and sang 80’s songs and watched mannequin, ghostbusters and goonies with Nick
·      Disaster movies
·      Tibet
·      Spam fritters
·      Mayo and ketchup mixed
·      Massive explosions
·      Vuze
·      Binary
·      The French language
·      Pretty nailpolish
·      The Mona Lisa
·      Shopping with Pow Pow
·      Russian Accents
·      Buddy, the puppy at Bar One
·      Well-behaved youths
·      01032010, movie date with Pow
·      ‘Where the Buffalo Roam,’ both the film AND the song
·      Bill Murray
·      Beef stroganoff
·      The photoshoot with Nom and how unbelievably beautiful the photos are and how outrageously sexy I felt

the end! Have a stupendous week all! Yay!


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