Tuesday, 1 March 2011


ahoy from the land of the cold on the first day in march!

washington seems to have been consumed by a massive amount of weather that mostly just makes me want to die. outside plays host to either snow or rain and lots and LOTS of cold.

i've been ill the last week thanks to Muffin and i mostly just like to curl up on the sofa with the mink blanket, the dog and some serious desperate housewives.

i'm not gonna lie, it's been a hideous week. hideous for various reasons that i'm still processing and fighting in my head about if i should post about them or not. we'll see.

either way, have a list just now!

inappropriately annoying text message alerts
vintage toy shops
foreign children's books
little big planet 2
boy-cut pants
self-adhesive envelopes
thick tights
3/4 length cardigans
cheese muffins
feeling stronger for having dealt with something horrible
talking to LaDonna
my hair
chicken chili
mint jelly
measuring tape
jersey cotton
green beans

well, today became unexpectedly busy very suddenly and i've not been able to finish this. anyways, enjoy what i've done.

have a good week


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