Wednesday, 30 March 2011

a goddamn belated tuesday!

so, i don't usually do this, but because Comcast decided to ruin my life yesterday and NOT show up to fix my internet after a week of it being off, i decided to post my tuesday TODAY because the list is goddamn long and good.

so, i guess i should just go have a quick fag and get on with this, shouldn't i?



okay, have a list!

saving lives... so, my main excitement for being on the seaside this last weekend was the thought that i would be able to find many, many dead things... fish, barnacles, mussels... you know, the like. within my first couple of moments on the beach though, i was immediately alerted to the fact that there was a tiny, dying fish at our feet. my first reaction was to pick him up and save his tiny life, which is what i did. i'm pleased with myself for knowing that i saved that tiny little fishy life.
dashboard confessional... yep, they're emo, i'm emo and their lyrics make me swoon.
clam chowder... because PHWOAR! i had the greatest clam chowder in my life this weekend! like, it was SO fresh that the clams had been alive literally hours before i ate it! oh the yummies were EPIC!
will farrell
long car trips
the sea... i never, ever fail to become weepy within moments of seeing the sea for the first time. it's such an amazingly beautiful thing. i've decided that Muffin and i WILL retire there one day. i promise you that!
old hippies...  for they nearly always have the best stories, things in their house and hair. i love them and perhaps am slightly jealous that i'm not more of a hippy.
oregon... i had my first for-realsies experience with oregon this weekend and it was incredible. i find it completely exciting that i could experience the sea AND the forest all in one place.
pygmy goats... so, in oregon we were driving home and i looked at a cutesy little fire station and saw a giant kennel sat outside which then led my eyes instantly to a furry creature that was not a dog, not a cat and not very immediately recognizable. it was only after several glances that i shouted for sarah to stop the car as OMGTHEREWEREGOATS! yeah. two goats. tied-up outside of a fire station. i pranced out of the car to play with them and photograph them before moving on the whatever the hell it was that made me squeal next.
sarah luna
randy luna
handmade quilts
tea with real cream in... i don't care how fatty it is, i LOVE real cream and i love tea... mixing the two is literally like drinking some sort of heavenly beverage. i know with every sip that it's clogging my arteries, but i can't seem to go a morning without a big, fat cup or tea with sugar and cream in.
having my internet back... okay, so i actually don't know how i survived without it for the last week. i've had my mobile, but it's tiny and makes my fingers feel like they're gonna fall off. it's wonderful to have the internetz back and to be able to leisurely open twenty tabs of blogs, recipes and photos before finally trolling through them.
pork skins
my bed
Muffin's man-perfume
glittery nail polish
this feeling... i plan to blog about it, but i need to just say that now, today, things feel good. any hideous emotions i was feeling about Muffin-related things have completely vanished and i am existing today with a complete sense of peace and excitement.
finding new blogs i love... particularly when it's at random. i tend to be odd about finding other blogs because i have so much going on in my own head that i can't usually handle taking in any more information, but recently i've allowed myself to read more blogs and they've offered me a limitless amount of inspiration and glee.
swap-bot... an entirely-too-effective time-consumption hobby! it's amazingly fun and everyone should absolutely look at it and fall in love.
Angry Birds... cough. now, i'm NOT proud that i've completely fallen in love with this game, but hey, i have a LOT of spare time, in between applying for jobs. shut up.
cutting my nails and starting fresh... because for some magical reason, my nails totally adore getting brittle and gross very regularly, so periodically i like to just cut them all completely down and let them grow back in.
Muffin texts... for he is the sweetest, cutest boy in the land.
dollar stores
sitting on the porch, watching the rain
rubber ducks
Muffin's face
the sound of food coming out of tins
old latches
sea anemone
furry-looking trees... but only if the "furry" comes from moss. i heart moss an inappropriate amount.
most chowders... currently making bffs with my belly? sweet corn chowder. NOM!
split-pea soup
chocolate-chip muffins
seth rogan

i hope this delighted you. please have a magical week!


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