Tuesday, 8 March 2011


oh GOD it's tuesday! it's tuesday and i have a list that i have been compiling over the last week, for the first time in ages.

i've been compiling a lot and writing a lot and i actually, for perhaps the first time this year, feel prepared for this tuesday with an actual list and actual things i heart. it's very exciting and makes me feel rather like i've accomplished SOMETHING in the last week, even if it is just my silly little list.

here, have it...

looking up the definitions of words... something i've done since i was a child. i love to stop when i've found a word i don't know and look at the trusty dictionary to teach myself what the word means. i also tend to like to try and use the word once or twice so it sticks. i heart words and any chance i get to learn a new one is welcomed by my tiny open arms.
the way Muffin's body gel smells... oh, it smells of boy and it's a magical smell. occasionally i'll use it during MY showers because the smell is something incredibly special. it clicks something on in my brain that makes me feel all gooey and young. i don't know what it is, but it's so nice, which tends to leave me clutching to him the instant he's out of the shower, smelling his chest and neck, not even trying to loosen my grip.
Muffin's smell... i'm slowly coming to learn his smell as a very safe and wonderful smell. every single bit of his body smells different and i'm still slowly learning them all. his neck, his ears, his hands, his tummy, his knees. i love smells and his smell is wonderfully calming and still so new to me that i tend to find myself getting excited like a little kid in a candy shop. it's still fun, which is good for me. it's still fun and i'm still learning. 
dashboard confessional... yeah, i'm emo and they're lyrics speak to me a lot. shut up.
wal-mart... i feel it's safe to say that i'm a little bit of a wal-mart snob now. when we go to a new one i will very often offer Muffin my (presumably unwanted) ratings and opinions of that particular one and why i feel it is inferior to my favourite wal-mart (which is "our" wal-mart and i love it very much thankyou!) it's a sad hobby to have, but a fun one. shut up.
sweet and sour... PHWOAR! sweet and sour ANYTHING! prawns, chicken, pork!
seeing the ways television producers will attempt to hide unwanted pregnant bellies... i first started noticing it when Marcia Cross fell pregnant during the filming of seasons four and five of desperate housewives. the inventive ways that were used to hide her belly were always so much fun for me... i was reminded of this again whilst watching Titus the other night when Cynthia Watros fell pregnant and thus left her with a "broken leg" and in a wheelchair with a purse in front of her belly at all times. i just find it fun to see the way pregnancies are hidden.
the smell of fresh paint
french toast
being right
Muffin surprising me with information... so, despite weeks of sarah, randy and myself discussing Nightmare on Elm street and Muffin chiming in with tidbits of information, it came to light last night that he has never seen any of the Freddy films... he apparently watched SOME of ONE when he was eight and had horrific nightmares for two weeks. this is pleasing for two reasons: ONE, i now don't get to hear it from when when i tell him about ANOTHER film i've not seen that is his favourite (included on THAT list are Super Troopers, Pump Up the Volume, Johnny Suede and Sling Blade) and TWO, i now have an excuse to watch ALL the Freddy films, in order (including the most recent one, which we purchased last night, and which isn't GREAT, but is fairly good, in my opinion, because it tells a lot more of the back story of the character of Freddy and why he does what he does.). YAY!
freaking AWESOME sales... the Blockbuster down the road from our house announced it was closing about five weeks ago. at that time it started selling ALL their films for ten bucks each. since the announcement i've been biding my time, knowing that that price would go down, and it slowly did... last night we pranced into the store, which had only that day been adorned with signs announcing all films were $2.99. after an hour we emerged from the shop with "Defendor," "Hamlet 2," "The Chosen One," "Just Add Water," "Synecdoche New York," "(500) Days of Summer," "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Return to Sleepaway Camp." a freaking SEXY bunch of cinematic booty for under thirty bucks!
meatloaf... sometimes i make it and it's like eating a slice of heaven, other times it's like i've roasted a dog's asshole. lately though, my meatloaf's been better and better each time. i have plans to attempt a new recipe that my beast posted today which involves the meatloaf being wrapped in bacon (!), like, seriously, wrap ANYTHING in bacon and you own my heart. i'm just sayin'.
Meatloaf... the singer. good jesus i've loved him for so long that i can't even remember when it began, but every single time i am reminded that he exists i begin pawing at Muffin and saying i'd literally die to see him live. and i would.
annoyingly loud dog toys... firstly, they're enjoyable because as we're walking through the store with said toy i can squeak the hell out of it and make Muffin want to die the whole time. secondly, booger LOVES them. he's just completely gay for his most recent toy (a hotdog that NEARLY as big as him, but that he still prances around the house with). i like it when he's happy, it makes me happy.
walking in the park... we had a beautiful day walking in the park on sunday with the dog. it was highlighted with me attempting to get him to leap into the water of his own free will and deterring him from eating the poos that previous dog-walkers seem to have forgotten to pick up. it was fun and booger really enjoyed himself, which makes for a good trip in my books.
vintage matches
Gnomeo and Juliet... i love animated films for two reasons. i love the way they make me feel like a kid again. they're cute and fun and i can laugh and cry and just enjoy the fairytale word that has been created just for my viewing pleasure. i also love them because i get the fun job of guessing the actors. i like to avoid learning which actors are doing the voices before i see the films because it's a lot more fun for me to spend the film guessing and then marking my scores at the end, during the credits, in between smooches with the boy. Gnomeo and Juliet is a super cutesy film and i recommend anyone to see it.
the look Muffin gets when i start discussing Desperate Housewives... the sort of glazed-over, not-at-all interested eyes that will listen to me because he knows how much i love the show, but not because he has any interest at all whatsoever. he's a good boy though and pretends to listen, occasionally throwing in a feigned shocked face or gasp, which is all i can ask for.
cupcake-scented candles
re-connecting... i got the joy over the last week of speaking to my foster-mother again, which was really nice. her daughter and i speak occasionally on the book of face and skype, so when her mum was visiting she made sure that i got to speak to her. i hadn't spoken to barb in like, seven years? so to be able to see her face and talk with her a couple of times, it was really nice. 
being NEARLY finished with a project
drawing up my ideas
when my tummy growls... it's a feeling i've always liked. the cute little rumbling that my belly gets.
Voodoo Doughnuts... fun for so, SO many reasons. their inappropriate stickers (one, which we forgot to purchase, said: "I got VD in Portland."), amazingly pink walls and gigantic paintings of Kenny Rogers everywhere. it was so much fun and worth the extra little trip down, just to be able to say i was there.
Muffin's guns... not his firearms, but his goddamn sexy arms. i can't get enough of them.
inappropriate slogans... like Voodoo Doughnuts': "the magic is in the hole."
curly fries
doing laundry
Defendor... a charmingly beautiful film. not the laugh-fest we were expecting, but a wonderful film anyways. please, please see it.

and that's about it. a good list. good blurbs.

have a beautiful week.


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