Tuesday, 15 March 2011

the second (or third) day of the week



have a list!

casual racism from strangers
video of bullets running through water
Stan the Meat Man... our new meat man... he's loud, brash and casually racist, which pretty much means he's  my new favourite person in the world.
HEAVY rain
when my goddamn ears AREN'T infected
the new car... OMGTEHSEX!
The Supersuckers
war films
tom hanks
finding a freaking awesome jumper for five bucks... and for this reason, i will love wal-mart for forever.
Win Co... yeah, first trip there yesterday, i'm never allowed back after spending seventy bucks on OMGALLTHESTUFF!
Eerie Indiana on Netflix... YAYNOSTALGIA!
becoming more comfortable with my body... slowly.
how excited the Korean ladies at the barber's get when we come in... they think i'm adorable and get incredibly excited when we come in for our haircuts.
my hands
one year... well, we celebrated it last weekend, it's not actually until the twenty-third, but it's still special to know that for all these years that have passed, we've reached nearly a year of actually being together like we always wanted.
white tights
crocheting hands
helping Muffin pick things for Molly's birthday parcel... because i'm a girl and he's a boy and has no concept of what almost-seven-year-old girls like.
talking to Stephanie... she's ever a source of uplifting and strength and i heart her so much for that.
Tim Baxley... a special, special man. i heart his little face so much.
having been allowed to drive the new car (which is a big deal because it's a BMW)... i didn't even ask him if i could. i didn't want him to feel like i was pressuring him, particularly after the situation with the last automatic i drove... but he offered. he offered before he'd even had it twenty-four hours. that tells me two things, he loves me and he trusts me.
reading old letters
Angry Beavers
Troma films
cans of cola
crochet magazines
long walks
bodies of water
red lights
buying bulbs or the garden
sleeping in

i think that's all for now. i have a cupcake and some episodes of desperate housewives to go make bffs with.


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