Thursday, 31 March 2011

thirty days... the word challenge.

i'm in a rut.

i'm hurting.

i feel like i am maybe lacking inspiration both with my writing and my general spunk for life, so when i found this little doozie of a list on a precious little blog the other week, i felt motivated to take part in a thirty-day project that didn't involve photos or me being silly, but more, saw me writing and taking time to reflect on a collection of delightful topics. some of them i can anticipate will be painful, but i feel the overall end-feeling will be worth it.

it's a bit of a disjointed list, i've found, so i will be interpreting these prompts however my little mind sees fit each day, making sure that i absolutely offer the best of my mental ability to every entry as if it was my own little child (which, can i just say right now? i do NOT, under any circumstances, want thirty children, fyi.)

so, let me go for a fag and rustle up something to eat and then i will get on with the first prompt before taking a fabulously hot bath and catching up on my childhood memories via eerie indiana.


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